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core (image): convert SVG images + better error handling: - when an SVG image is found, new backend `imageConvert` method is used to convert it to PNG - by default, 128x128 is used as dest size. - removed code to handle image without extension in filename, as it is now working with Kivy. - if texture is not updated after `texture_update` is called, an error is logged, a fallback image is used, and `on_error` event is dispatched
author Goffi <>
date Sun, 19 Apr 2020 17:06:57 +0200
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--sdk-dir /home/goffi/dev/android/sdk_26.1.1
--ndk-dir /home/goffi/dev/android/android-ndk-r19b
--android-api 28
--dist-name cagou_dev_build
--requirements "hostpython3, kivy, kivy_garden.modernmenu, sqlite3, omemo, omemo-backend-signal, service_identity, automat, attrs, hyperlink, requests, treq, twisted, wokkel, hg+, hg+, pillow, pyxdg, markdown, html2text, python-dateutil, pycrypto, git+, android, python-potr, shortuuid, babel, lxml, pudb, urwid, cryptography, openssl, pyopenssl, certifi, pyasn1, pyasn1-modules"
--private . --package=org.salutatoi.cagou --name "Cagou"
--version 0.1
--whitelist .p4a_whitelist
--blacklist .p4a_blacklist
--icon media/icons/muchoslava/png/cagou_profil_bleu_96.png
--presplash media/icons/muchoslava/png/cagou_profil_bleu_512.png
--orientation fullUser
--arch armeabi-v7a
--service backend:service/
--permission INTERNET
--permission VIBRATE
--permission RECORD_AUDIO
--intent-filters /home/goffi/dev/cagou/android_intents/share.xml