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The following instructions are for GNU/Linux operating system. Instruction for other OS will come in the future.

/!\ WARNING /!\
SàT is at a very early developpement stage, and is not intended for end user yet. You need to understand a minimum what you do to install it. Anyway, you can contact me if you need help (but I'm really busy, so don't expect a quick and accurate answer).


To use SàT, you will need to install:
- twisted ( which is found in most distributions, at least core, web and words must be installed
- progressbar ( which can be installed with easy_install
- wokkel (, please read instructions on website to download/install. You must apply the patch found at
- wxWidgets ( which is found in most distributions. The more recent the version is, the better.


You must have the main dir (with sat inside) and frontend in your PYTHONPATH. For exemple, if you have uncompressed the soft in /tmp/useless_soft:

> export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/tmp/useless_soft:/tmp/useless_soft/frontends

if you want to access jp, it can be a good idea to export its dir to your PATH variable:

> export PATH=$PATH:/tmp/useless_soft/frontends/jp


Here are the instructions for the distribution I use (Kubuntu Karmic Koala), but instructions for other Gnu/Linux distributions must be really close.
To install SàT on a *buntu distribution, you first need to install dependencies:

> sudo aptitude install python-twisted python-twisted-core python-twisted-web python-twisted-word python-wxgtk2.8

You maybe need an updated repository for wxPython, take a look at for more informations.

progressbar can be installed with easy_install:
> sudo easy_install progressbar

Wokkel is a bit more complicated to install as we need to patch it:

First be sure that mercurial is installed
> sudo aptitude install mercurial

then we go to a directory where we can clone the repository and patch the sources. If you don't want to code on wokkel, you can do it in /tmp:

> cd /tmp
> hg clone

now we need to download and use the patch:

> cd wokkel/wokkel
> wget
> patch -p0 < patch

now it's time to install:

> cd ..
> sudo python install

Everything is fine ? Ok let's add the paths.

If you use bash, you need probably to do something like
> echo "export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:~/sat:~/sat/frontends" >> ~/.bashrc
> echo "export PATH=$PATH:~/sat/frontends/jp" >> ~/.bashrc

of course, replace ~/sat with the path where you installed SàT, and if you use zsh, replace .bashrc by .zshrc.
Restart a console or export manually the PATH.

Now everything should be OK, you can launch SàT. You have to launch the daemon first:
> cd ~/sat
> ./sat

You should be able to close you console or even X Window if you want.

Then launch one (ore more) frontend. For exemple, to use Wix:
> cd ~/sat/frontends/wix
> ./wix

enjoy =)
And don't hesitate to give feedback.