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Primitivus: XMLUI's show method now manage window and popup
author Goffi <>
date Thu, 12 Aug 2010 12:31:45 +0800
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v 0.0.2 (10/01/2010):
	- DBus bridge: dynamic exportation of methods (useful for plugins)
	- new doc: INSTALL and CHANGELOG
	- new method to save private data (useful for plugins)
	- disconnection
	- whitespace ping to avoid disconnection when idle
	- presence management refactored, subscription is now managed separatly
	- use of xml params
	- new way to specify default values in params
	- sat is now a twisted application, so it can be deamonized
	- Wokkel integration
	- added some features from Wokkel: disco, software version
	- new account creation (in-band registration): not fully implemented
	- IP for file transfert is now set by default (see README)
	- Gateways management (Wix only for now)
	- VCard support (readonly for now) with avatars/nicks support
	- Wix: easier jid setup
	- Wix: added Tray icon (using Crystal Clear: see README)
	- Wix: new contact list, using avatars and nicknames
	- Wix, Sortil├Ęge: better connection/disconnection management (buggy in sortil├Ęge)
	- Wix: main frame default size changed

v 0.0.1 (17/05/2009):