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Primitivus: XMLUI's show method now manage window and popup
author Goffi <>
date Thu, 12 Aug 2010 12:31:45 +0800
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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

SAT: a jabber client
Copyright (C) 2009, 2010  Jérôme Poisson (

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program.  If not, see <>.

    'client_name' : u'SàT (Salut à toi)',
    'client_version' : u'0.0.2D',   #Please add 'D' at the end for dev versions
    'local_dir' : '~/.sat'

import gettext
gettext.install('sat', "i18n", unicode=True)

from twisted.application import internet, service
from twisted.internet import glib2reactor, protocol, task

from twisted.words.protocols.jabber import jid, xmlstream
from twisted.words.protocols.jabber import error as jab_error
from twisted.words.xish import domish

from twisted.internet import reactor
import pdb

from wokkel import client, disco, xmppim, generic, compat

from sat_bridge.DBus import DBusBridge
import logging
from logging import debug, info, error

import signal, sys
import os.path

from tools.memory import Memory
from tools.xml_tools import tupleList2dataForm
from glob import glob

    from twisted.words.protocols.xmlstream import XMPPHandler
except ImportError:
    from wokkel.subprotocols import XMPPHandler

### logging configuration FIXME: put this elsewhere ###

sat_id = 0

def sat_next_id():
    global sat_id
    return "sat_id_"+str(sat_id)

class SatXMPPClient(client.XMPPClient):
    def __init__(self, host_app, profile, user_jid, password, host=None, port=5222):
        client.XMPPClient.__init__(self, user_jid, password, host, port)
        self.factory.clientConnectionLost = self.connectionLost
        self.profile = profile
        self.host_app = host_app

    def _authd(self, xmlstream):
        print "SatXMPPClient"
        client.XMPPClient._authd(self, xmlstream)
        info (_("********** [%s] CONNECTED **********") % self.profile)
        self.host_app.bridge.connected(self.profile) #we send the signal to the clients

    def streamInitialized(self):
        """Called after _authd"""
        debug (_("XML stream is initialized"))
        self.keep_alife = task.LoopingCall(self.xmlstream.send, " ")  #Needed to avoid disconnection (specially with openfire)
        self.disco = SatDiscoProtocol(self)
        self.discoHandler = disco.DiscoHandler()

        self.disco.requestInfo(jid.JID(self.host_app.memory.getParamA("Server", "Connection", profile_key=self.profile))).addCallback(self.host_app.serverDisco)  #FIXME: use these informations

    def isConnected(self):
        return self.__connected
    def connectionLost(self, connector, unused_reason):
        info (_("********** [%s] DISCONNECTED **********") % self.profile)
        except AttributeError:
            debug (_("No keep_alife"))
        self.host_app.bridge.disconnected(self.profile) #we send the signal to the clients

class SatMessageProtocol(xmppim.MessageProtocol):
    def __init__(self, host):
        xmppim.MessageProtocol.__init__(self) = host

    def onMessage(self, message):
      debug (_(u"got message from: %s"), message["from"])
      for e in message.elements():
        if == "body":
          type = message['type'] if message.hasAttribute('type') else 'chat' #FIXME: check specs
["from"], e.children[0], type, profile=self.parent.profile)
, jid.JID(message["from"]), self.parent.jid, "chat", e.children[0])
class SatRosterProtocol(xmppim.RosterClientProtocol):

    def __init__(self, host):
        xmppim.RosterClientProtocol.__init__(self) = host
    def rosterCb(self, roster):
        for raw_jid, item in roster.iteritems():

    def requestRoster(self):
        """ ask the server for Roster list """

    def removeItem(self, to):
        """Remove a contact from roster list"""
        xmppim.RosterClientProtocol.removeItem(self, to)
        #TODO: check IQ result
    def addItem(self, to):
        """Add a contact to roster list"""
        xmppim.RosterClientProtocol.addItem(self, to)
        #TODO: check IQ result

    def onRosterSet(self, item):
        """Called when a new/update roster item is received"""
        #TODO: send a signal to frontends
        item_attr = {'to': str(item.subscriptionTo),
                     'from': str(item.subscriptionFrom),
                     'ask': str(item.ask)
            item_attr['name'] =
        info (_("new contact in roster list: %s"), item.jid.full()), item_attr, item.groups, self.parent.profile), item_attr, item.groups, self.parent.profile)
    def onRosterRemove(self, entity):
        """Called when a roster removal event is received"""
        #TODO: send a signal to frontends
        print _("removing %s from roster list") % entity.full(), self.parent.profile)

class SatPresenceProtocol(xmppim.PresenceClientProtocol):

    def __init__(self, host):
        xmppim.PresenceClientProtocol.__init__(self) = host
    def availableReceived(self, entity, show=None, statuses=None, priority=0):
        debug (_("presence update for [%(entity)s] (available, show=%(show)s statuses=%(statuses)s priority=%(priority)d)") % {'entity':entity, 'show':show, 'statuses':statuses, 'priority':priority})
        if statuses.has_key(None):   #we only want string keys
            statuses["default"] = statuses[None]
            del statuses[None], show or "",
                int(priority), statuses, self.parent.profile)

        #now it's time to notify frontends,  show or "",
                int(priority), statuses, self.parent.profile)
    def unavailableReceived(self, entity, statuses=None):
        debug (_("presence update for [%(entity)s] (unavailable, statuses=%(statuses)s)") % {'entity':entity, 'statuses':statuses})
        if statuses and statuses.has_key(None):   #we only want string keys
            statuses["default"] = statuses[None]
            del statuses[None], "unavailable", 0, statuses, self.parent.profile)

        #now it's time to notify frontends, "unavailable", 0, statuses, self.parent.profile)
    def available(self, entity=None, show=None, statuses=None, priority=0):
        if statuses and statuses.has_key('default'):
            statuses[None] = statuses['default']
            del statuses['default']
        xmppim.PresenceClientProtocol.available(self, entity, show, statuses, priority)
    def subscribedReceived(self, entity):
        debug (_("subscription approved for [%s]") % entity.userhost()), self.parent.profile)'subscribed', entity.userhost(), self.parent.profile)

    def unsubscribedReceived(self, entity):
        debug (_("unsubscription confirmed for [%s]") % entity.userhost()), self.parent.profile)'unsubscribed', entity.userhost(), self.parent.profile)

    def subscribeReceived(self, entity):
        debug (_("subscription request for [%s]") % entity.userhost())'subscribe', entity.userhost(), self.parent.profile)'subscribe', entity.userhost(), self.parent.profile)

    def unsubscribeReceived(self, entity):
        debug (_("unsubscription asked for [%s]") % entity.userhost())'unsubscribe', entity.userhost(), self.parent.profile)'unsubscribe', entity.userhost(), self.parent.profile)

class SatDiscoProtocol(disco.DiscoClientProtocol):
    def __init__(self, host):

class SatFallbackHandler(generic.FallbackHandler):
    def __init__(self, host):

    def iqFallback(self, iq):
        debug (u"iqFallback: xml = [%s], handled=%s" % (iq.toXml(), "True" if iq.handled else "False"))
        generic.FallbackHandler.iqFallback(self, iq)

class RegisteringAuthenticator(xmlstream.ConnectAuthenticator):

    def __init__(self, host, jabber_host, user_login, user_pass, answer_id):
        xmlstream.ConnectAuthenticator.__init__(self, jabber_host) = host
        self.jabber_host = jabber_host
        self.user_login = user_login
        self.user_pass = user_pass
        self.answer_id = answer_id
        print _("Registration asked for"),user_login, user_pass, jabber_host
    def connectionMade(self):
        print "connectionMade"
        self.xmlstream.namespace = "jabber:client"

        iq = compat.IQ(self.xmlstream, 'set')
        iq["to"] = self.jabber_host
        query = iq.addElement(('jabber:iq:register', 'query'))
        _user = query.addElement('username')
        _pass = query.addElement('password')
        reg = iq.send(self.jabber_host).addCallbacks(self.registrationAnswer, self.registrationFailure)

    def registrationAnswer(self, answer):
        debug (_("registration answer: %s") % answer.toXml())
        answer_type = "SUCCESS"
        answer_data={"message":_("Registration successfull")}, self.answer_id, answer_data)
    def registrationFailure(self, failure):
        info (_("Registration failure: %s") % str(failure.value))
        answer_type = "ERROR"
        answer_data = {}
        if failure.value.condition == 'conflict':
            answer_data['reason'] = 'conflict'
            answer_data={"message":_("Username already exists, please choose an other one")}
            answer_data['reason'] = 'unknown'
            answer_data={"message":_("Registration failed (%s)") % str(failure.value.condition)}, self.answer_id, answer_data)

class SAT(service.Service):
    def get_next_id(self):
        return sat_next_id()

    def get_const(self, name):
        """Return a constant"""
        if not CONST.has_key(name):
            error(_('Trying to access an undefined constant'))
            raise Exception
        return CONST[name]

    def set_const(self, name, value):
        """Save a constant"""
        if CONST.has_key(name):
            error(_('Trying to redefine a constant'))
            raise Exception  
        CONST[name] = value
    def __init__(self):
        #TODO: standardize callback system
        local_dir = os.path.expanduser(self.get_const('local_dir'))
        if not os.path.exists(local_dir):

        self.__waiting_conf = {}  #callback called when a confirmation is received
        self.__progress_cb_map = {}  #callback called when a progress is requested (key = progress id)
        self.__general_cb_map = {}  #callback called for general reasons (key = name) 
        self.__private_data = {}  #used for internal callbacks (key = id)
        self.profiles = {}
        self.plugins = {}
        self.menus = {} #used to know which new menus are wanted by plugins
        self.server_features=[]  #XXX: temp dic, need to be transfered into self.memory in the future

        self.bridge.register("getVersion", lambda: self.get_const('client_version'))
        self.bridge.register("getProfileName", self.memory.getProfileName)
        self.bridge.register("getProfilesList", self.memory.getProfilesList)
        self.bridge.register("createProfile", self.memory.createProfile)
        self.bridge.register("deleteProfile", self.memory.deleteProfile)
        self.bridge.register("registerNewAccount", self.registerNewAccount)
        self.bridge.register("connect", self.connect)
        self.bridge.register("disconnect", self.disconnect)
        self.bridge.register("getContacts", self.memory.getContacts)
        self.bridge.register("getPresenceStatus", self.memory.getPresenceStatus)
        self.bridge.register("getWaitingSub", self.memory.getWaitingSub)
        self.bridge.register("sendMessage", self.sendMessage)
        self.bridge.register("setParam", self.setParam)
        self.bridge.register("getParamA", self.memory.getParamA)
        self.bridge.register("getParamsUI", self.memory.getParamsUI)
        self.bridge.register("getParams", self.memory.getParams)
        self.bridge.register("getParamsForCategory", self.memory.getParamsForCategory)
        self.bridge.register("getParamsCategories", self.memory.getParamsCategories)
        self.bridge.register("getHistory", self.memory.getHistory)
        self.bridge.register("setPresence", self.setPresence)
        self.bridge.register("subscription", self.subscription)
        self.bridge.register("addContact", self.addContact)
        self.bridge.register("delContact", self.delContact)
        self.bridge.register("isConnected", self.isConnected)
        self.bridge.register("launchAction", self.launchAction)
        self.bridge.register("confirmationAnswer", self.confirmationAnswer)
        self.bridge.register("getProgress", self.getProgress)
        self.bridge.register("getMenus", self.getMenus)
        self.bridge.register("getMenuHelp", self.getMenuHelp)
        self.bridge.register("callMenu", self.callMenu)


    def _import_plugins(self):
        """Import all plugins found in plugins directory"""
        #TODO: manage dependencies
        plug_lst = [os.path.splitext(plugin)[0] for plugin in map(os.path.basename,glob ("plugins/plugin*.py"))]

        for plug in plug_lst:
            plug_path = 'plugins.'+plug
            mod = sys.modules[plug_path]
            plug_info = mod.PLUGIN_INFO
            info (_("importing plugin: %s"), plug_info['name'])
            self.plugins[plug_info['import_name']] = getattr(mod, plug_info['main'])(self)
            if plug_info.has_key('handler') and plug_info['handler'] == 'yes':
                self.plugins[plug_info['import_name']].is_handler = True
                self.plugins[plug_info['import_name']].is_handler = False
            #TODO: test xmppclient presence and register handler parent

    def connect(self, profile_key = '@DEFAULT@'):
        """Connect to jabber server"""

        profile = self.memory.getProfileName(profile_key)
        if not profile_key:
            error (_('Trying to connect a non-exsitant profile'))
        if (self.isConnected(profile)):
            info(_("already connected !"))
        current = self.profiles[profile] = SatXMPPClient(self, profile,
            jid.JID(self.memory.getParamA("JabberID", "Connection", profile_key = profile_key), profile),
            self.memory.getParamA("Password", "Connection", profile_key = profile_key),
            self.memory.getParamA("Server", "Connection", profile_key = profile_key), 5222)

        current.messageProt = SatMessageProtocol(self)
        current.roster = SatRosterProtocol(self)

        current.presence = SatPresenceProtocol(self)

        current.fallBack = SatFallbackHandler(self)

        current.versionHandler = generic.VersionHandler(self.get_const('client_name'),

        debug (_("setting plugins parents"))
        for plugin in self.plugins.iteritems():
            if plugin[1].is_handler:

    def disconnect(self, profile_key='@DEFAULT@'):
        """disconnect from jabber server"""
        if (not self.isConnected(profile_key)):
            info(_("not connected !"))
        profile = self.memory.getProfileName(profile_key)

    def startService(self):
        info("Salut à toi ô mon frère !")
    def stopService(self):
        info("Salut aussi à Rantanplan")

    def run(self):
        debug(_("running app"))
    def stop(self):
        debug(_("stopping app"))
    ## Misc methods ##
    def getJidNStream(self, profile_key):
        """Convenient method to get jid and stream from profile key
        @return: tuple (jid, xmlstream) from profile, can be None"""
        profile = self.memory.getProfileName(profile_key)
        if not profile or not self.profiles[profile].isConnected():
            return (None, None)
        return (self.profiles[profile].jid, self.profiles[profile].xmlstream)

    def getClient(self, profile_key):
        """Convenient method to get client from profile key
        @return: client or None if it doesn't exist"""
        profile = self.memory.getProfileName(profile_key)
        if not profile:
            return None
        return self.profiles[profile]

    def registerNewAccount(self, login, password, server, port = 5222, id = None):
        """Connect to a server and create a new account using in-band registration"""

        next_id = id or sat_next_id()  #the id is used to send server's answer
        serverRegistrer = xmlstream.XmlStreamFactory(RegisteringAuthenticator(self, server, login, password, next_id))
        connector = reactor.connectTCP(server, port, serverRegistrer)
        serverRegistrer.clientConnectionLost = lambda conn, reason: connector.disconnect()
        return next_id 

    def registerNewAccountCB(self, id, data, profile):
        user = jid.parse(self.memory.getParamA("JabberID", "Connection", profile_key=profile))[0]
        password = self.memory.getParamA("Password", "Connection", profile_key=profile)
        server = self.memory.getParamA("Server", "Connection", profile_key=profile)

        if not user or not password or not server:
            info (_('No user or server given'))
            #TODO: a proper error message must be sent to frontend
            self.actionResult(id, "ERROR", {'message':_("No user, password or server given, can't register new account.")})

        confirm_id = sat_next_id()
        self.askConfirmation(confirm_id, "YES/NO",
            {"message":_("Are you sure to register new account [%(user)s] to server %(server)s ?") % {'user':user, 'server':server, 'profile':profile}},
        print ("===============+++++++++++ REGISTER NEW ACCOUNT++++++++++++++============")
        print "id=",id
        print "data=",data

    def regisConfirmCB(self, id, accepted, data):
        print _("register Confirmation CB ! (%s)") % str(accepted)
        action_id,profile = self.__private_data[id]
        del self.__private_data[id]
        if accepted:
            user = jid.parse(self.memory.getParamA("JabberID", "Connection", profile_key=profile))[0]
            password = self.memory.getParamA("Password", "Connection", profile_key=profile)
            server = self.memory.getParamA("Server", "Connection", profile_key=profile)
            self.registerNewAccount(user, password, server, id=action_id)
            self.actionResult(action_id, "SUPPRESS", {})

    def submitForm(self, action, target, fields, profile_key='@DEFAULT@'):
        """submit a form
        @param target: target jid where we are submitting
        @param fields: list of tuples (name, value)
        @return: tuple: (id, deferred)

        profile = self.memory.getProfileName(profile_key)
        to_jid = jid.JID(target)
        iq = compat.IQ(self.profiles[profile].xmlstream, 'set')
        iq["to"] = target
        iq["from"] = self.profiles[profile].jid.full()
        query = iq.addElement(('jabber:iq:register', 'query'))
        if action=='SUBMIT':
            form = tupleList2dataForm(fields)
        elif action=='CANCEL':
            error (_("FIXME FIXME FIXME: Unmanaged action (%s) in submitForm") % action)
            raise NotImplementedError

        deferred = iq.send(target)
        return (iq['id'], deferred)

    ## Client management ##

    def setParam(self, name, value, category, profile_key='@DEFAULT@'):
        """set wanted paramater and notice observers"""
        info (_("setting param: %(name)s=%(value)s in category %(category)s") % {'name':name, 'value':value, 'category':category})
        self.memory.setParam(name, value, category, profile_key)

    def isConnected(self, profile_key='@DEFAULT@'):
        """Return connection status of profile
        @param profile_key: key_word or profile name to determine profile name
        @return True if connected
        profile = self.memory.getProfileName(profile_key)
        if not profile:
            error (_('asking connection status for a non-existant profile'))
            raise Exception  #TODO: raise a proper exception
        if not self.profiles.has_key(profile):
            return False
        return self.profiles[profile].isConnected()

    def launchAction(self, type, data, profile_key='@DEFAULT@'):
        """Launch a specific action asked by client
        @param type: action type (button)
        @param data: needed data to launch the action

        @return: action id for result, or empty string in case or error
        profile = self.memory.getProfileName(profile_key)
        if not profile:
            error (_('trying to launch action with a non-existant profile'))
            raise Exception  #TODO: raise a proper exception
        if type=="button":
                cb_name = data['callback_id']
            except KeyError:
                error (_("Incomplete data"))
                return ""
            id = sat_next_id()
            self.callGeneralCB(cb_name, id, data, profile = profile)
            return id
            error (_("Unknown action type"))
            return ""

    ## jabber methods ##
    def sendMessage(self,to,msg,type='chat', profile_key='@DEFAULT@'):
        #FIXME: check validity of recipient
        profile = self.memory.getProfileName(profile_key)
        current_jid = self.profiles[profile].jid
        debug(_("Sending jabber message to %s..."), to)
        message = domish.Element(('jabber:client','message'))
        message["to"] = jid.JID(to).full()
        message["from"] = current_jid.full()
        message["type"] = type
        message.addElement("body", "jabber:client", msg)
        self.memory.addToHistory(current_jid, current_jid, jid.JID(to), message["type"], unicode(msg))
        if type!="groupchat":
            self.bridge.newMessage(message['from'], unicode(msg), to=message['to'], type=type, profile=profile) #We send back the message, so all clients are aware of it

    def setPresence(self, to="", show="", priority = 0, statuses={}, profile_key='@DEFAULT@'):
        """Send our presence information"""
        profile = self.memory.getProfileName(profile_key)
        to_jid = jid.JID(to) if to else None
        self.profiles[profile].presence.available(to_jid, show, statuses, priority)
    def subscription(self, subs_type, raw_jid, profile_key='@DEFAULT@'):
        """Called to manage subscription"""
        profile = self.memory.getProfileName(profile_key)
        to_jid = jid.JID(raw_jid)
        debug (_('subsciption request [%(subs_type)s] for %(jid)s') % {'subs_type':subs_type, 'jid':to_jid.full()})
        if subs_type=="subscribe":
        elif subs_type=="subscribed":
            contact = self.memory.getContact(to_jid) 
            if not contact or not bool(contact['to']): #we automatically subscribe to 'to' presence
                debug(_('sending automatic "to" subscription request'))
                self.subscription('subscribe', to_jid.userhost())
        elif subs_type=="unsubscribe":
        elif subs_type=="unsubscribed":

    def addContact(self, to, profile_key='@DEFAULT@'):
        """Add a contact in roster list"""
        profile = self.memory.getProfileName(profile_key)

    def delContact(self, to, profile_key='@DEFAULT@'):
        """Remove contact from roster list"""
        profile = self.memory.getProfileName(profile_key)
        self.bridge.contactDeleted(to, profile)

    ## callbacks ##

    def serverDisco(self, disco):
        """xep-0030 Discovery Protocol."""
        for feature in disco.features:
            debug (_("Feature found: %s"),feature)
        for cat, type in disco.identities:
            debug (_("Identity found: [%(category)s/%(type)s] %(identity)s") % {'category':cat, 'type':type, 'identity':disco.identities[(cat,type)]})

    ## Generic HMI ## 
    def actionResult(self, id, type, data):
        """Send the result of an action
        @param id: same id used with action
        @param type: result type ("PARAM", "SUCCESS", "ERROR", "XMLUI")
        @param data: dictionary
        self.bridge.actionResult(type, id, data)

    def actionResultExt(self, id, type, data):
        """Send the result of an action, extended version
        @param id: same id used with action
        @param type: result type /!\ only "DICT_DICT" for this method
        @param data: dictionary of dictionaries
        if type != "DICT_DICT":
            error(_("type for actionResultExt must be DICT_DICT, fixing it"))
            type = "DICT_DICT"
        self.bridge.actionResultExt(type, id, data)

    def askConfirmation(self, id, type, data, cb):
        """Add a confirmation callback
        @param id: id used to get answer
        @param type: confirmation type ("YES/NO", "FILE_TRANSFERT")
        @param data: data (depend of confirmation type)
        @param cb: callback called with the answer
        if self.__waiting_conf.has_key(id):
            error (_("Attempt to register two callbacks for the same confirmation"))
            self.__waiting_conf[id] = cb
            self.bridge.askConfirmation(type, id, data)

    def confirmationAnswer(self, id, accepted, data):
        """Called by frontends to answer confirmation requests"""
        debug (_("Received confirmation answer for id [%(id)s]: %(success)s") % {'id': id, 'success':_("accepted") if accepted else _("refused")})
        if not self.__waiting_conf.has_key(id):
            error (_("Received an unknown confirmation"))
            cb = self.__waiting_conf[id]
            del self.__waiting_conf[id]
            cb(id, accepted, data)

    def registerProgressCB(self, id, CB):
        """Register a callback called when progress is requested for id"""
        self.__progress_cb_map[id] = CB

    def removeProgressCB(self, id):
        """Remove a progress callback"""
        if not self.__progress_cb_map.has_key(id):
            error (_("Trying to remove an unknow progress callback"))
            del self.__progress_cb_map[id]

    def getProgress(self, id):
        """Return a dict with progress information
        data['position'] : current possition
        data['size'] : end_position
        data = {}
        except KeyError:
            #debug("Requested progress for unknown id")
        return data

    def registerGeneralCB(self, name, CB):
        """Register a callback called for general reason"""
        self.__general_cb_map[name] = CB

    def removeGeneralCB(self, name):
        """Remove a general callback"""
        if not self.__general_cb_map.has_key(name):
            error (_("Trying to remove an unknow general callback"))
            del self.__general_cb_map[name]

    def callGeneralCB(self, name, *args, **kwargs):
        """Call general function back"""
            return self.__general_cb_map[name](*args, **kwargs)
        except KeyError:
            error(_("Trying to call unknown function (%s)") % name)
            return None

    #Menus management

    def importMenu(self, category, name, callback, help_string = "", type = "NORMAL"):
        """register a new menu for frontends
        @param category: category of the menu
        @param name: menu item entry
        @param callback: method to be called when menuitem is selected"""
        if self.menus.has_key((category,name)):
            error ("Want to register a menu which already existe")
        self.menus[(category,name,type)] = {'callback':callback, 'help_string':help_string, 'type':type}

    def getMenus(self):
        """Return all menus registered"""
        return self.menus.keys()

    def getMenuHelp(self, category, name, type="NORMAL"):
        """return the help string of the menu"""
            return self.menus[(category,name,type)]['help_string']
        except KeyError:
            error (_("Trying to access an unknown menu"))
            return ""

    def callMenu(self, category, name, type="NORMAL", profile_key='@DEFAULT@'):
        """return the help string of the menu"""
        profile = self.memory.getProfileName(profile_key)
        if not profile_key:
            error (_('Non-exsitant profile'))
            return ""
        if self.menus.has_key((category,name,type)):
            id = self.get_next_id()
            self.menus[(category,name,type)]['callback'](id, profile)
            return id
            error (_("Trying to access an unknown menu (%(category)s/%(name)s/%(type)s)")%{'category':category, 'name':name,'type':type})
            return ""

application = service.Application('SàT')
service = SAT()