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All theses changelog are not exhaustive, please check mercurial repository for more details.

v 0.3.0 (09/01/2013):
    - full project moved to AGPL v3+
    - new Logo (Adrien Vigneron) + several other sprites
    - quiz game (draft, not finished)
    - configuration file
    - media separated from main repository
    - new Qt frontend: Bellaciao (draft, not usable yet)
    - dbus-xml constructor in bridge-constructor (for Qt)
    - Primitivus: freedesktop notifications
    - new plugin: XEP-0020 (feature negociation)
    - new plugin: XEP-0047 (in-band bytestream)
    - new plugin: XEP-0095 (stream initiation)
    - new experimental plugin: pipe transfer
    - jp: name to jid conversion
    - database integration (sqlite)
    - D-Bus bridge: generic exception management
    - core: data storage improved
    - radio collective (plugin + Libervia implementation)
    - new groupblog, using sat_pubsub
    - D-Bus bridge: better dynamically added method management (with introspection)
    - status update crash fix (Xavier Maillard)
    - misc bugfixes (Emmanuel Gil Peyrot)
    - social contract: english translation (Matthieu Rakotojaona)
    - many MUC improvments (MUC branch merged mainstream in Wokkel)
    - Primitivus: contacts panel improvments: color & icon + statuses
    - Primitivus: MUC room are now shown separately
    - Primitivus: new entities are added to contacts panel if they send message
    - new plugin: text commands (IRC like commands during conversation)
    - plugin XEP-0045: nick change, room leaving, subject change, automaticaly change nick on conflict
    - MUC privates messages management
    - core: added priority management in triggers + trigger can now forbid other triggers execution
    - Primitivus is now modal (à la vi)
    - new experimental plugin: parrot (repeat text between two entities)
    - deprecated plugin: couchsurfing
    - Primitivus: incoming files transfer management
    - added "Port" parameter in "Connection"
    - Libervia: new skin (Adrien Vigneron)
    - Libervia: new widgets system
    - Libervia: many microblogging (with groups) improvments
    - Libervia: XMLUI implementation
    - Libervia: parameters management through XMLUI (deactivated for security reasons)
    - avatar upload (with Libervia implementation)
    - Libervia: disconnection management
    - SàT account automatic registration refactored (moved to core + use Prosody)
    - misc debug/refactoring

v 0.2.0 (31/05/2011):
    - new debug command in sat launcher script
    - core: triggers
    - news plugins: maildir, imap and smtp, SàT can now communicate with a Mail User Agent throught them
    - bridge constructor, a generator which make bridge files from .ini. It can also generate doc in mediawiki format
    - new plugin: XML log to send XML raw data throught DBus
    - new plugin: XEP-0115 (entity capabilities)
    - new plugin: XEP-0060 (Pubsub) and XEP-163 (Personal Eventing Protocol)
    - DBus bridge: fixed introspection for dynamically aded methods and signals
    - new plugin: XEP-277 (Microblogging over XMPP)
    - fixed installation (Wokkel version is forced)
    - bridge: added asynchrone methods management
    - new plugin: group microbloging (groupblog)
    - new plugin: XEP-0249 (direct MUC invitation)
    - plugin Tarot: game can be automatically created, and fully played (but rules are not fully implemented yet)
    - email added in registerNewAccount
    - Social contract added (CONTRAT_SOCIAL) \o.
    - Subscription scheme fixed
    - new frontend: Libervia \o/ . Put in a separate package

v 0.1.1 (14/01/2011):
    - bug#1: fixed crash due to dbus.String

v 0.1.0 (12/01/2011):
    - urwid custom libs split as a new project: "urwid-satext"
    - files reorganisation
    - versioning now use a standard scheme (major.minor.increment+letter)
    - distutils/distribute installation script
    - misc bugs fixes
    - easy way to launch/stop sat (sat & sat stop)

v 0.0.3 (20/08/2010):
    - multi-profiles
    - i18n support
    - french translation
    - MUC support (basic for the moment)
    - Dynamic methods/signals in DBus bridge
    - Tarot game
    - CouchSurfing plugin
    - XML User Interface
    - Sortilège replaced by Primitivus
    - About boxes & versions numbers now follow SàT core version

v 0.0.2 (10/01/2010):
    - DBus bridge: dynamic exportation of methods (useful for plugins)
    - new doc: INSTALL and CHANGELOG
    - new method to save private data (useful for plugins)
    - disconnection
    - whitespace ping to avoid disconnection when idle
    - presence management refactored, subscription is now managed separatly
    - use of xml params
    - new way to specify default values in params
    - sat is now a twisted application, so it can be deamonized
    - Wokkel integration
    - added some features from Wokkel: disco, software version
    - new account creation (in-band registration): not fully implemented
    - IP for file transfer is now set by default (see README)
    - Gateways management (Wix only for now)
    - VCard support (readonly for now) with avatars/nicks support
    - Wix: easier jid setup
    - Wix: added Tray icon (using Crystal Clear: see README)
    - Wix: new contact list, using avatars and nicknames
    - Wix, Sortilège: better connection/disconnection management (buggy in sortilège)
    - Wix: main frame default size changed

v 0.0.1 (17/05/2009):