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Below are the old manual instructions for installation, you can install SàT automatically using easy_install or pip. The full instructions are available on the wiki:

The following instructions are for GNU/Linux operating system. Instruction for other OS will come in the future.

/!\ WARNING /!\
SàT is at a very early developpement stage, and is not intended for end user yet. You need to understand a minimum what you do to install it. Anyway, you can contact me if you need help (but I'm really busy, so don't expect a quick and accurate answer).


To use SàT, you will need to install:
- twisted ( which is found in most distributions, at least core, web and words must be installed
- progressbar ( which can be installed with easy_install
- wokkel ( /!\ the MUC branch ( must be merged, please read instructions below
- wxWidgets ( which is found in most distributions. The more recent the version is, the better.
- urwid ( which can be installed with easy_install
- Mutagen ( which can be installed with easy_install


You must have the main dir (with sat inside) and frontend in your PYTHONPATH. For example, if you have uncompressed the soft in /tmp/useless_soft:

> export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/tmp/useless_soft:/tmp/useless_soft/frontends

if you want to access jp, it can be a good idea to export its dir to your PATH variable:

> export PATH=$PATH:/tmp/useless_soft/frontends/jp


Here are the instructions for the distribution I use (Kubuntu Karmic Koala), but instructions for other Gnu/Linux distributions must be really close.
To install SàT on a *buntu distribution, you first need to install dependencies:

> sudo aptitude install python-twisted python-twisted-core python-twisted-web python-twisted-words python-wxgtk2.8

You maybe need an updated repository for wxPython, take a look at for more informations.

ProgressBar and Urwid can be installed with easy_install, or throught apt:
> sudo aptitude install python-progressbar python-urwid

Wokkel is a bit more complicated to install as we need to merge two branches:

First be sure that mercurial is installed
> sudo aptitude install mercurial

then we go to a directory where we can clone the repositories and merge. If you don't want to code on wokkel, you can do it in /tmp:

> cd /tmp
> hg clone wokkel

now we pull the other branch:
> cd wokkel
> hg pull -f

time to merge and commit:
> hg merge wokkel-muc-client-support-24
> hg commit -m "Merged wokkel's MUC branch"

finally,we can install:

> sudo python install

Everything is fine ? Ok let's add the paths.

If you use bash, you need probably to do something like
> echo "export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:~/sat:~/sat/frontends" >> ~/.bashrc
> echo "export PATH=$PATH:~/sat/frontends/jp" >> ~/.bashrc

of course, replace ~/sat with the path where you installed SàT, and if you use zsh, replace .bashrc by .zshrc.
Restart a console or export manually the PATH.

Now everything should be OK, you can launch SàT. You have to launch the daemon first:
> cd ~/sat
> ./sat

You should be able to close you console or even X Window if you want.

Then launch one (ore more) frontend. For exemple, to use Wix:
> cd ~/sat/frontends/wix
> ./wix

enjoy =)
And don't hesitate to give feedback.