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#!/usr/bin/env python2
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# Primitivus: a SAT frontend
# Copyright (C) 2009-2016 Jérôme Poisson (

# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.

# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU Affero General Public License for more details.

# You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
# along with this program.  If not, see <>.

from sat.core.i18n import _
from sat.core import log as logging
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
import urwid
from urwid_satext import sat_widgets
from sat_frontends.quick_frontend import quick_widgets
from sat_frontends.quick_frontend import quick_chat
from sat_frontends.quick_frontend import quick_games
from sat_frontends.primitivus import game_tarot
from sat_frontends.primitivus.constants import Const as C
from sat_frontends.primitivus.keys import action_key_map as a_key
from sat_frontends.primitivus.widget import PrimitivusWidget
import time
import locale
from import jid
from functools import total_ordering
import bisect

OCCUPANTS_FOOTER = _(u"{} occupants")

class MessageWidget(urwid.WidgetWrap):

    def __init__(self, mess_data):
        @param mess_data(quick_chat.Message, None): message data
            None: used only for non text widgets (e.g.: focus separator)
        self.mess_data = mess_data
        self.timestamp = time.localtime(mess_data.timestamp)
        super(MessageWidget, self).__init__(urwid.Text(self.markup))

    def markup(self):
        return self._generateInfoMarkup() if self.mess_data.type == C.MESS_TYPE_INFO else self._generateMarkup()

    def info_type(self):
        return self.mess_data.info_type

    def parent(self):
        return self.mess_data.parent

    def message(self):
        """Return currently displayed message"""
        return self.mess_data.main_message

    def message(self, value):
        self.mess_data.message = {'':value}

    def type(self):
            return self.mess_data.type
        except AttributeError:
            return C.MESS_TYPE_INFO

    def redraw(self):

    def selectable(self):
        return True

    def keypress(self, size, key):
        return key

    def get_cursor_coords(self, size):
        return 0, 0

    def render(self, size, focus=False):
        # Text widget doesn't render cursor, but we want one
        # so we add it here
        canvas = urwid.CompositeCanvas(self._w.render(size, focus))
        if focus:
        return canvas

    def _generateInfoMarkup(self):
        return ('info_msg', self.message)

    def _generateMarkup(self):
        """Generate text markup according to message data and Widget options"""
        markup = []
        d = self.mess_data
        mention = d.mention

        # timestamp
        if self.parent.show_timestamp:
            # if the message was sent before today, we print the full date
            time_format = u"%c" if self.timestamp < self.parent.day_change else u"%H:%M"
            attr = 'msg_mention' if mention else 'date'
            markup.append((attr, u"[{}]".format(time.strftime(time_format, self.timestamp).decode(locale.getlocale()[1]))))
            if mention:
                markup.append(('msg_mention', '[*]'))

        # nickname
        if self.parent.show_short_nick:
            markup.append(('my_nick' if d.own_mess else 'other_nick', "**" if d.own_mess else "*"))
            markup.append(('my_nick' if d.own_mess else 'other_nick', u"[{}] ".format(d.nick or '')))

        msg = self.message  # needed to generate self.selected_lang

        if d.selected_lang:
            markup.append(("msg_lang", u"[{}] ".format(d.selected_lang)))

        # message body

        return markup

class OccupantWidget(urwid.WidgetWrap):

    def __init__(self, occupant_data):
        self.occupant_data = occupant_data
        markup = self._generateMarkup()
        super(OccupantWidget, self).__init__(urwid.Text(markup))

    def __eq__(self, other):
        if other is None:
            return False
        return self.occupant_data.nick == other.occupant_data.nick

    def __lt__(self, other):
        return self.occupant_data.nick.lower() < other.occupant_data.nick.lower()

    def parent(self):
        return self.mess_data.parent

    def nick(self):
        return self.occupant_data.nick

    def selectable(self):
        return True

    def keypress(self, size, key):
        return key

    def get_cursor_coords(self, size):
        return 0, 0

    def render(self, size, focus=False):
        # Text widget doesn't render cursor, but we want one
        # so we add it here
        canvas = urwid.CompositeCanvas(self._w.render(size, focus))
        if focus:
        return canvas

    def _generateMarkup(self):
        # TODO: role and affiliation are shown in a Q&D way
        #       should be more intuitive and themable
        o = self.occupant_data
        markup = []
        markup.append(('info_msg', '{}{} '.format(
        return markup

class OccupantsWidget(urwid.WidgetWrap):

    def __init__(self, parent):
        self.parent = parent
        self.occupants_walker = urwid.SimpleListWalker([])
        self.occupants_footer = urwid.Text('', align='center')
        occupants_widget = urwid.Frame(urwid.ListBox(self.occupants_walker), footer=self.occupants_footer)
        super(OccupantsWidget, self).__init__(occupants_widget)
        occupants_list = sorted(self.parent.occupants.keys(), key=lambda o:o.lower())
        for occupant in occupants_list:
            occupant_data = self.parent.occupants[occupant]

    def updateFooter(self):
        """update footer widget"""
        txt = OCCUPANTS_FOOTER.format(len(self.parent.occupants))

    def getNicks(self, start=u''):
        """Return nicks of all occupants

        @param start(unicode): only return nicknames which start with this text
        return [w.nick for w in self.occupants_walker if isinstance(w, OccupantWidget) and w.nick.startswith(start)]

    def addUser(self, occupant_data):
        """add a user to the list"""
        bisect.insort(self.occupants_walker, OccupantWidget(occupant_data))
        self.updateFooter()  # FIXME: should not be necessary

    def removeUser(self, occupant_data):
        """remove a user from the list"""
        for widget in occupant_data.widgets:
        self.updateFooter()  # FIXME: should not be necessary

class Chat(PrimitivusWidget, quick_chat.QuickChat):

    def __init__(self, host, target, type_=C.CHAT_ONE2ONE, occupants=None, subject=None, profiles=None):
        quick_chat.QuickChat.__init__(self, host, target, type_, occupants, subject, profiles=profiles)
        self.filters = []  # list of filter callbacks to apply
        self.mess_walker = urwid.SimpleListWalker([])
        self.mess_widgets = urwid.ListBox(self.mess_walker)
        self.chat_widget = urwid.Frame(self.mess_widgets)
        self.chat_colums = urwid.Columns([('weight', 8, self.chat_widget)])
        self.pile = urwid.Pile([self.chat_colums])
        PrimitivusWidget.__init__(self, self.pile,

        # we must adapt the behaviour with the type
        if type_ == C.CHAT_GROUP:
            if len(self.chat_colums.contents) == 1:
                self.occupants_widget = OccupantsWidget(self)
                # FIXME
                # , option_type=sat_widgets.ClickableText, on_click=self._occupantsClicked)
                self.occupants_panel = sat_widgets.VerticalSeparator(self.occupants_widget)
      'presence', self.presenceListener, [profiles])

        # focus marker is a separator indicated last visible message before focus was lost
        self.focus_marker = None  # link to current marker
        self.focus_marker_set = None  # True if a new marker has been inserted
        self.day_change = time.strptime(time.strftime("%a %b %d 00:00:00  %Y"))  # struct_time of day changing time
        self.show_timestamp = True
        self.show_short_nick = False
        self.show_title = 1  # 0: clip title; 1: full title; 2: no title

    def keypress(self, size, key):
        if key == a_key['OCCUPANTS_HIDE']:  # user wants to (un)hide the occupants panel
            if self.type == C.CHAT_GROUP:
                widgets = [widget for (widget, options) in self.chat_colums.contents]
                if self.occupants_panel in widgets:
        elif key == a_key['TIMESTAMP_HIDE']:  # user wants to (un)hide timestamp
            self.show_timestamp = not self.show_timestamp
        elif key == a_key['SHORT_NICKNAME']:  # user wants to (not) use short nick
            self.show_short_nick = not self.show_short_nick
        elif key == a_key['SUBJECT_SWITCH']:  # user wants to (un)hide group's subject or change its apperance
            if self.subject:
                self.show_title = (self.show_title + 1) % 3
                if self.show_title == 0:
                    self.setSubject(self.subject, 'clip')
                elif self.show_title == 1:
                    self.setSubject(self.subject, 'space')
                elif self.show_title == 2:
                    self.chat_widget.header = None

        return super(Chat, self).keypress(size, key)

    def completion(self, text, completion_data):
        """Completion method which complete nicknames in group chat

        for params, see [sat_widgets.AdvancedEdit]
        if self.type != C.CHAT_GROUP:
            return text

        space = text.rfind(" ")
        start = text[space + 1:]
        words = self.occupants_widget.getNicks(start)
        if not words:
            return text
            word_idx = words.index(completion_data['last_word']) + 1
        except (KeyError, ValueError):
            word_idx = 0
            if word_idx == len(words):
                word_idx = 0
        word = completion_data['last_word'] = words[word_idx]
        return u"{}{}{}".format(text[:space + 1], word, ': ' if space < 0 else '')

    def getMenu(self):
        """Return Menu bar"""
        menu = sat_widgets.Menu(
        if self.type == C.CHAT_GROUP:
  , C.MENU_ROOM, {'room_jid':})
            game = _("Game")
            menu.addMenu(game, "Tarot", self.onTarotRequest)
        elif self.type == C.CHAT_ONE2ONE:
            # FIXME: is a bare jid, we need to check that
            contact_list =[self.profile]
            if not
                full_jid = contact_list.getFullJid(
                full_jid =
  , C.MENU_SINGLE, {'jid': full_jid})
        return menu

    def setFilter(self, args):
        """set filtering of messages

        @param args(list[unicode]): filters following syntax "[filter]=[value]"
            empty list to clear all filters
            only lang=XX is handled for now
        del self.filters[:]
        if args:
            if args[0].startswith("lang="):
                lang = args[0][5:].strip()
                self.filters.append(lambda mess_data: lang in mess_data.message)


    def presenceListener(self, entity, show, priority, statuses, profile):
        """Update entity's presence status

        @param entity (jid.JID): entity updated
        @param show: availability
        @param priority: resource's priority
        @param statuses: dict of statuses
        @param profile: %(doc_profile)s
        # FIXME: disable for refactoring, need to be checked and re-enabled
        # assert self.type == C.CHAT_GROUP
        # if entity.bare !=
        #     return
        # self.update(entity)

    def createMessage(self, message):

    def _user_moved(self, message):
        """return true if message is a user left/joined message

        @param message(quick_chat.Message): message to add
        if message.type != C.MESS_TYPE_INFO:
            return False
            info_type = message.extra['info_type']
        except KeyError:
            return False
            return info_type in quick_chat.ROOM_USER_MOVED

    def appendMessage(self, message):
        """Create a MessageWidget and append it

        Can merge messages together is desirable (e.g.: multiple joined/leave)
        @param message(quick_chat.Message): message to add
        if self.filters:
            if not all([f(message) for f in self.filters]):
        if self._user_moved(message):
            for wid in reversed(self.mess_walker):
                # we merge in/out messages if no message was sent meanwhile
                if not isinstance(wid, MessageWidget):
                if wid.mess_data.type != C.MESS_TYPE_INFO:
                if wid.info_type in quick_chat.ROOM_USER_MOVED and wid.mess_data.nick == message.nick:
                        count = wid.reentered_count
                    except AttributeError:
                        count = wid.reentered_count = 1
                    nick = wid.mess_data.nick
                    if message.info_type == quick_chat.ROOM_USER_LEFT:
                        wid.message = _(u"<= {nick} has left the room ({count})").format(nick=nick, count=count)
                        wid.message = _(u"<=> {nick} re-entered the room ({count})") .format(nick=nick, count=count)

        if (( != self or not
            and self.focus_marker_set is not None):
            if not self.focus_marker_set and not self._locked and self.mess_walker:
                if self.focus_marker is not None:
                self.focus_marker = urwid.Divider('—')
                self.focus_marker_set = True
            if self.focus_marker_set:
                self.focus_marker_set = False

        if not message.message:
            log.error(u"Received an empty message for uid {}".format(message.uid))
            wid = MessageWidget(message)
            self.mess_widgets.focus_position = len(self.mess_walker) - 1  # scroll down
    # FIXME: should not be necessary
            if wid.mess_data.mention:
                from_jid = wid.mess_data.from_jid
                msg = _(u'You have been mentioned by {nick} in {room}'.format(
      , from_jid, msg, widget=self, profile=self.profile)
            elif self.type == C.CHAT_ONE2ONE:
                from_jid = wid.mess_data.from_jid
                msg = _(u'{entity} is talking to you'.format(
      , from_jid, msg, widget=self, profile=self.profile)

    def addUser(self, nick):
        occupant = super(Chat, self).addUser(nick)

    def removeUser(self, occupant_data):
        occupant = super(Chat, self).removeUser(occupant_data)
        if occupant is not None:

    def _occupantsClicked(self, list_wid, clicked_wid):
        # FIXME: not called anymore after refactoring
        assert self.type == C.CHAT_GROUP
        nick = clicked_wid.getValue().value
        if nick == self.nick:
            # We ignore clicks on our own nick
        contact_list =[self.profile]
        full_jid = jid.JID("%s/%s" % (, nick))

        # we have a click on a nick, we need to create the widget if it doesn't exists

        # now we select the new window
        contact_list.setFocus(full_jid, True)

    def _appendOccupantsPanel(self):
        self.chat_colums.contents.append((self.occupants_panel, ('weight', 2, False)))

    def _removeOccupantsPanel(self):
        for widget, options in self.chat_colums.contents:
            if widget is self.occupants_panel:
                self.chat_colums.contents.remove((widget, options))

    def addGamePanel(self, widget):
        """Insert a game panel to this Chat dialog.

        @param widget (Widget): the game panel
        assert (len(self.pile.contents) == 1)
        self.pile.contents.insert(0, (widget, ('weight', 1)))
        self.pile.contents.insert(1, (urwid.Filler(urwid.Divider('-'), ('fixed', 1))))

    def removeGamePanel(self, widget):
        """Remove the game panel from this Chat dialog.

        @param widget (Widget): the game panel
        assert (len(self.pile.contents) == 3)
        del self.pile.contents[0]

    def setSubject(self, subject, wrap='space'):
        """Set title for a group chat"""
        quick_chat.QuickChat.setSubject(self, subject)
        self.subj_wid = urwid.Text(unicode(subject.replace('\n', '|') if wrap == 'clip' else subject),
                                   align='left' if wrap == 'clip' else 'center', wrap=wrap)
        self.chat_widget.header = urwid.AttrMap(self.subj_wid, 'title')

    ## Messages

    def printMessages(self, clear=True):
        """generate message widgets

        @param clear(bool): clear message before printing if true
        if clear:
            del self.mess_walker[:]
        for message in self.messages.itervalues():

    def redraw(self):
        """redraw all messages"""
        for w in self.mess_walker:
            except AttributeError:

    def updateHistory(self, size=C.HISTORY_LIMIT_DEFAULT, search='', profile='@NONE@'):
        del self.mess_walker[:]
        if search:
            self.mess_walker.append(urwid.Text(_(u"Results for searching the globbing pattern: {}").format(search)))
            self.mess_walker.append(urwid.Text(_(u"Type ':history <lines>' to reset the chat history").format(search)))
        super(Chat, self).updateHistory(size, search, profile)

    def _onHistoryPrinted(self):
        """Refresh or scroll down the focus after the history is printed"""
        super(Chat, self)._onHistoryPrinted()

    def onPrivateCreated(self, widget):[widget.profile].specialResourceVisible(

    def onSelected(self):
        self.focus_marker_set = False

    def notify(self, contact="somebody", msg=""):
        """Notify the user of a new message if primitivus doesn't have the focus.

        @param contact (unicode): contact who wrote to the users
        @param msg (unicode): the message that has been received
        # FIXME: not called anymore after refactoring
        if msg == "":
        if self.mess_widgets.get_focus()[1] == len(self.mess_walker) - 2:
            # we don't change focus if user is not at the bottom
            # as that mean that he is probably watching discussion history
            self.mess_widgets.focus_position = len(self.mess_walker) - 1
        if not
            if self.type == C.CHAT_ONE2ONE:
      "Primitivus: %s is talking to you") % contact)
            elif self.nick is not None and self.nick.lower() in msg.lower():
      "Primitivus: %(user)s mentioned you in room '%(room)s'") % {'user': contact, 'room':})

    def onTarotRequest(self, menu):
        # TODO: move this to plugin_misc_tarot with dynamic menu
        if len(self.occupants) != 4:
  "Can't start game"), _("You need to be exactly 4 peoples in the room to start a Tarot game"),
  , list(self.occupants), self.profile)


    def onDelete(self):
        # FIXME: to be checked after refactoring
        if self.type == C.CHAT_GROUP:
  'presence', self.presenceListener)

quick_widgets.register(quick_chat.QuickChat, Chat)
quick_widgets.register(quick_games.Tarot, game_tarot.TarotGame)