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quick frontend (chat): added helping properties avatar and contact_list
author Goffi <>
date Mon, 29 Aug 2016 01:21:47 +0200
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#!/usr/bin/env python2
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# helper class for making a SAT frontend
# Copyright (C) 2009-2016 Jérôme Poisson (

# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.

# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU Affero General Public License for more details.

# You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
# along with this program.  If not, see <>.

from sat.core.i18n import _
from sat.core.log import getLogger
log = getLogger(__name__)
from sat.core import exceptions
from sat_frontends.quick_frontend import quick_widgets
from sat_frontends.quick_frontend.constants import Const as C
from collections import OrderedDict
from import jid
import time
    from locale import getlocale
except ImportError:
    # FIXME: pyjamas workaround
    getlocale = lambda x: (None, 'utf-8')


# from datetime import datetime

    # FIXME: to be removed when an acceptable solution is here
    unicode('') # XXX: unicode doesn't exist in pyjamas
except (TypeError, AttributeError): # Error raised is not the same depending on pyjsbuild options
    unicode = str

# FIXME: day_format need to be settable (i18n)

class Message(object):
    """Message metadata"""

    def __init__(self, parent, uid, timestamp, from_jid, to_jid, msg, subject, type_, extra, profile):
        self.parent = parent
        self.profile = profile
        self.uid = uid
        self.timestamp = timestamp
        self.from_jid = from_jid
        self.to_jid = to_jid
        self.message = msg
        self.subject = subject
        self.type = type_
        self.extra = extra
        self.nick = self.getNick(from_jid)
        self._status = None
        # own_mess is True if message was sent by profile's jid
        self.own_mess = (from_jid.resource == self.parent.nick) if self.parent.type == C.CHAT_GROUP else (from_jid.bare ==[profile].whoami.bare)
        # is user mentioned here ?
        if self.parent.type == C.CHAT_GROUP and not self.own_mess:
            for m in msg.itervalues():
                if self.parent.nick.lower() in m.lower():
                    self._mention = True
        self.widgets = set()  # widgets linked to this message

    def host(self):

    def info_type(self):
        return self.extra.get('info_type')

    def mention(self):
            return self._mention
        except AttributeError:
            return False

    def main_message(self):
        """Return currently displayed message"""
        if self.parent.lang in self.message:
            self.selected_lang = self.parent.lang
            return self.message[self.parent.lang]
            self.selected_lang = ''
            return self.message['']
        except KeyError:
                lang, mess = self.message.iteritems().next()
                self.selected_lang = lang
                return mess
            except StopIteration:
                log.error(u"Can't find message for uid {}".format(self.uid))
                return ''

    def time_text(self):
        """Return timestamp in a nicely formatted way"""
        # if the message was sent before today, we print the full date
        timestamp = time.localtime(self.timestamp)
        time_format = u"%c" if timestamp < self.parent.day_change else u"%H:%M"
        return time.strftime(time_format, timestamp).decode(getlocale()[1])

    def avatar(self):
        contact_list =[self.profile]
        return contact_list.getCache(self.from_jid, "avatar") or

    def getNick(self, entity):
        """Return nick of an entity when possible"""
        contact_list =[self.profile]
        if self.type == C.MESS_TYPE_INFO and self.info_type in ROOM_USER_MOVED:
                return self.extra['user_nick']
            except KeyError:
                log.error(u"extra data is missing user nick for uid {}".format(self.uid))
                return ""
        if self.parent.type == C.CHAT_GROUP or entity in contact_list.getSpecials(C.CONTACT_SPECIAL_GROUP):
            return entity.resource or ""
        if entity.bare in contact_list:
            return contact_list.getCache(entity, 'nick') or contact_list.getCache(entity, 'name') or entity.node or entity
        return entity.node or entity

    def status(self):
        return self._status

    def status(self, status):
        self._status = status
        for w in self.widgets:

    def handleMe(self):
        """Check if messages starts with "/me " and change them if it is the case

        if several messages (different languages) are presents, they all need to start with "/me "
        # TODO: XHTML-IM /me are not handled
        me = False
        # we need to check /me for every message
        for m in self.message.itervalues():
            if m.startswith(u"/me "):
                me = True
                me = False
        if me:
            self.type = C.MESS_TYPE_INFO
            self.extra['info_type'] = 'me'
            nick = self.nick
            for lang, mess in self.message.iteritems():
                self.message[lang] = u"* " + nick + mess[3:]

class Occupant(object):
    """Occupant metadata"""

    def __init__(self, parent, data, profile):
        self.parent = parent
        self.profile = profile
        self.nick = data['nick']
        self._entity = data.get('entity')
        self.affiliation = data['affiliation']
        self.role = data['role']
        self.widgets = set()  # widgets linked to this occupant
        self._state = None

    def jid(self):
        """jid in the room"""
        return jid.JID(u"{}/{}".format(, self.nick))

    def real_jid(self):
        """real jid if known else None"""
        return self._entity

    def host(self):

    def state(self):
        return self._state

    def state(self, new_state):
        self._state = new_state
        for w in self.widgets:

class QuickChat(quick_widgets.QuickWidget):

    visible_states = ['chat_state']  # FIXME: to be removed, used only in quick_games

    def __init__(self, host, target, type_=C.CHAT_ONE2ONE, occupants=None, subject=None, profiles=None):
        @param type_: can be C.CHAT_ONE2ONE for single conversation or C.CHAT_GROUP for chat à la IRC
        self.lang = ''  # default language to use for messages
        quick_widgets.QuickWidget.__init__(self, host, target, profiles=profiles)
        self._locked = True   # True when we are waiting for history/search
                              # messageNew signals are cached when locked
        self._cache = OrderedDict()
        assert type_ in (C.CHAT_ONE2ONE, C.CHAT_GROUP)
        self.current_target = target
        self.type = type_
        if type_ == C.CHAT_GROUP:
            if target.resource:
                raise exceptions.InternalError(u"a group chat entity can't have a resource")
            self.nick = None
            self.occupants = {}
            if occupants is not None:
                raise exceptions.InternalError(u"only group chat can have occupants")
        self.messages = OrderedDict()  # key: uid, value: Message instance = {}  # key=game name (unicode), value=instance of quick_games.RoomGame
        self.subject = subject
        lt = time.localtime()
        self.day_change = (lt.tm_year, lt.tm_mon, lt.tm_mday, 0, 0, 0, lt.tm_wday, lt.tm_yday, lt.tm_isdst)  # struct_time of day changing time

    def postInit(self):
        """Method to be called by frontend after widget is initialised

        handle the display of history and subject
        if self.subject is not None:

    def contact_list(self):

    ## Widget management ##

    def __str__(self):
        return u"Chat Widget [target: {}, type: {}, profile: {}]".format(, self.type, self.profile)

    def getWidgetHash(target, profiles):
        profile = list(profiles)[0]
        return profile + "\n" + target.bare

    def getPrivateHash(target, profile):
        """Get unique hash for private conversations

        This method should be used with force_hash to get unique widget for private MUC conversations
        return (unicode(profile), target)

    def addTarget(self, target):
        super(QuickChat, self).addTarget(target)
        if target.resource:
            self.current_target = target # FIXME: tmp, must use resource priority throught contactList instead

    def onPrivateCreated(self, widget):
        """Method called when a new widget for private conversation (MUC) is created"""
        raise NotImplementedError

    def getOrCreatePrivateWidget(self, entity):
        """Create a widget for private conversation, or get it if it already exists

        @param entity: full jid of the target
        return, entity, type_=C.CHAT_ONE2ONE, force_hash=self.getPrivateHash(self.profile, entity), on_new_widget=self.onPrivateCreated, profile=self.profile) # we force hash to have a new widget, not this one again

    def target(self):
        if self.type == C.CHAT_GROUP:
            return self.current_target.bare
        return self.current_target

    ## occupants ##

    def setOccupants(self, occupants):
        """set the whole list of occupants"""
        assert len(self.occupants) == 0
        for nick, data in occupants.iteritems():
            self.occupants[nick] = Occupant(

    def addUser(self, occupant_data):
        """Add user if it is not in the group list"""
        occupant = Occupant(
        self.occupants[occupant.nick] = occupant
        return occupant

    def removeUser(self, occupant_data):
        """Remove a user from the group list"""
        nick = occupant_data['nick']
            occupant = self.occupants.pop(nick)
        except KeyError:
            log.warning(u"Trying to remove an unknown occupant: {}".format(nick))
            return occupant

    def setUserNick(self, nick):
        """Set the nick of the user, usefull for e.g. change the color of the user"""
        self.nick = nick

    def changeUserNick(self, old_nick, new_nick):
        """Change nick of a user in group list"""
        self.printInfo("%s is now known as %s" % (old_nick, new_nick))

    ## Messages ##

    def manageMessage(self, entity, mess_type):
        """Tell if this chat widget manage an entity and message type couple

        @param entity (jid.JID): (full) jid of the sending entity
        @param mess_type (str): message type as given by messageNew
        @return (bool): True if this Chat Widget manage this couple
        if self.type == C.CHAT_GROUP:
            if mess_type in (C.MESS_TYPE_GROUPCHAT, C.MESS_TYPE_INFO) and == entity.bare:
                return True
            if mess_type != C.MESS_TYPE_GROUPCHAT and entity in self.targets:
                return True
        return False

    def updateHistory(self, size=C.HISTORY_LIMIT_DEFAULT, filters=None, profile='@NONE@'):
        """Called when history need to be recreated

        Remove all message from history then call historyPrint
        Must probably be overriden by frontend to clear widget
        @param size (int): number of messages
        @param filters (str): patterns to filter the history results
        @param profile (str): %(doc_profile)s
        self._locked = True
        self._cache = OrderedDict()
        self.historyPrint(size, filters, profile)

    def _onHistoryPrinted(self):
        """Method called when history is printed (or failed)

        unlock the widget, and can be used to refresh or scroll down
        the focus after the history is printed
        self._locked = False
        for data in self._cache.itervalues():
        del self._cache

    def historyPrint(self, size=C.HISTORY_LIMIT_DEFAULT, filters=None, profile='@NONE@'):
        """Print the current history

        @param size (int): number of messages
        @param search (str): pattern to filter the history results
        @param profile (str): %(doc_profile)s
        if filters is None:
            filters = {}
        if size == 0:
            log.debug(u"Empty history requested, skipping")
        log_msg = _(u"now we print the history")
        if size != C.HISTORY_LIMIT_DEFAULT:
            log_msg += _(u" ({} messages)".format(size))

        if self.type == C.CHAT_ONE2ONE:
            special =[self.profile].getCache(, C.CONTACT_SPECIAL)
            if special == C.CONTACT_SPECIAL_GROUP:
                # we have a private conversation
                # so we need full jid for the history
                # (else we would get history from group itself)
                # and to filter out groupchat message
                target =
                filters['not_types'] = C.MESS_TYPE_GROUPCHAT
                target =
            # groupchat
            target =
            # FIXME: info not handled correctly
            filters['types'] = C.MESS_TYPE_GROUPCHAT

        def _historyGetCb(history):
            # day_format = "%A, %d %b %Y"  # to display the day change
            # previous_day =
            # message_day = datetime.fromtimestamp(timestamp).strftime(self.day_format)
            # if previous_day != message_day:
            #     self.printDayChange(message_day)
            #     previous_day = message_day
            for data in history:
                uid, timestamp, from_jid, to_jid, message, subject, type_, extra = data
                # cached messages may already be in history
                # so we check it to avoid duplicates, they'll be added later
                if uid in self._cache:
                from_jid = jid.JID(from_jid)
                to_jid = jid.JID(to_jid)
                # if ((self.type == C.CHAT_GROUP and type_ != C.MESS_TYPE_GROUPCHAT) or
                #    (self.type == C.CHAT_ONE2ONE and type_ == C.MESS_TYPE_GROUPCHAT)):
                #     continue
                self.messages[uid] = Message(self, uid, timestamp, from_jid, to_jid, message, subject, type_, extra, profile)

        def _historyGetEb(err):
            log.error(_(u"Can't get history"))
            self._onHistoryPrinted()[profile].whoami.bare), unicode(target), size, True, filters, profile, callback=_historyGetCb, errback=_historyGetEb)

    def messageNew(self, uid, timestamp, from_jid, to_jid, msg, subject, type_, extra, profile):
        if self._locked:
            self._cache[uid] = (uid, timestamp, from_jid, to_jid, msg, subject, type_, extra, profile)
        if self.type == C.CHAT_GROUP:
            if to_jid.resource and type_ != C.MESS_TYPE_GROUPCHAT:
                # we have a private message, we forward it to a private conversation widget
                chat_widget = self.getOrCreatePrivateWidget(to_jid)
                chat_widget.messageNew(uid, timestamp, from_jid, to_jid, msg, subject, type_, extra, profile)
            if type_ == C.MESS_TYPE_INFO:
                    info_type = extra['info_type']
                except KeyError:
                    user_data = {k[5:]:v for k,v in extra.iteritems() if k.startswith('user_')}
                    if info_type == ROOM_USER_JOINED:
                    elif info_type == ROOM_USER_LEFT:

        message = Message(self, uid, timestamp, from_jid, to_jid, msg, subject, type_, extra, profile)
        self.messages[uid] = message

        if 'received_timestamp' in extra:
            log.warning(u"Delayed message received after history, this should not happen")

    def createMessage(self, message, append=False):
        """Must be implemented by frontend to create and show a new message widget

        This is only called on messageNew, not on history.
        You need to override historyPrint to handle the later
        @param message(Message): message data
        raise NotImplementedError

    def printDayChange(self, day):
        """Display the day on a new line.

        @param day(unicode): day to display (or not if this method is not overwritten)
        # FIXME: not called anymore after refactoring

    ## Room ##

    def setSubject(self, subject):
        """Set title for a group chat"""
        if self.type != C.CHAT_GROUP:
            raise exceptions.InternalError("trying to set subject for a non group chat window")
        self.subject = subject

    def changeSubject(self, new_subject):
        """Change the subject of the room

        This change the subject on the room itself (i.e. via XMPP),
        while setSubject change the subject of this widget
        """, new_subject, self.profile)

    def addGamePanel(self, widget):
        """Insert a game panel to this Chat dialog.

        @param widget (Widget): the game panel
        raise NotImplementedError

    def removeGamePanel(self, widget):
        """Remove the game panel from this Chat dialog.

        @param widget (Widget): the game panel
        raise NotImplementedError

    def update(self, entity=None):
        """Update one or all entities.

        @param entity (jid.JID): entity to update
        raise NotImplementedError

    ## events ##

    def onChatState(self, from_jid, state, profile):
        """A chat state has been received"""
        if self.type == C.CHAT_GROUP:
            nick = from_jid.resource
                self.occupants[nick].state = state
            except KeyError:
                log.warning(u"{nick} not found in {room}, ignoring new chat state".format(

    def onMessageState(self, uid, status, profile):
            mess_data = self.messages[uid]
        except KeyError:
            mess_data.status = status