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primitivus: fixed urwid issues with recent urwid versions fix bug 18
author Goffi <>
date Sun, 24 Feb 2013 13:57:37 +0100
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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

Primitivus: a SAT frontend
Copyright (C) 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013  Jérôme Poisson (

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU Affero General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
along with this program.  If not, see <>.

import urwid
from urwid_satext import sat_widgets
from urwid_satext.files_management import FileDialog
from sat_frontends.quick_frontend.quick_chat import QuickChat
from sat_frontends.primitivus.card_game import CardGame
from sat_frontends.quick_frontend.quick_utils import escapePrivate, unescapePrivate
import time
from  import JID

class ChatText(urwid.FlowWidget):
    """Manage the printing of chat message"""

    def __init__(self, parent, timestamp, nick, my_mess, message, align='left', is_info=False):
        self.parent = parent
        self.timestamp = time.localtime(timestamp)
        self.nick = nick
        self.my_mess = my_mess
        self.message = unicode(message)
        self.align = align
        self.is_info = is_info

    def selectable(self):
        return True

    def keypress(self, size, key):
        return key

    def rows(self,size,focus=False):
        return self.display_widget(size, focus).rows(size, focus)

    def render(self, size, focus=False):
        canvas = urwid.CompositeCanvas(self.display_widget(size, focus).render(size, focus))
        if focus:
        return canvas

    def get_cursor_coords(self, size):
        #(maxcol,) = size
        return 0, 0

    def display_widget(self, size, focus):
        render_txt = []
        if not self.is_info:
            if self.parent.show_timestamp:
                time_format = "%c" if self.timestamp < self.parent.day_change else "%H:%M" #if the message was sent before today, we print the full date
                render_txt.append(('date',"[%s]" % time.strftime(time_format, self.timestamp).decode('utf-8')))
            if self.parent.show_short_nick:
                render_txt.append(('my_nick' if self.my_mess else 'other_nick',"**" if self.my_mess else "*"))
                render_txt.append(('my_nick' if self.my_mess else 'other_nick',"[%s] " % self.nick))
        return urwid.Text(render_txt, align=self.align)

class Chat(urwid.WidgetWrap, QuickChat):

    def __init__(self, target, host, type='one2one'): = target
        QuickChat.__init__(self, target, host, type)
        self.content = urwid.SimpleListWalker([])
        self.text_list = urwid.ListBox(self.content)
        self.chat_widget = urwid.Frame(self.text_list)
        self.chat_colums = urwid.Columns([('weight', 8, self.chat_widget)])
        self.chat_colums = urwid.Columns([('weight', 8, self.chat_widget)])
        self.pile = urwid.Pile([self.chat_colums])
        urwid.WidgetWrap.__init__(self, self.__getDecoration(self.pile))
        self.day_change = time.strptime(time.strftime("%a %b %d 00:00:00  %Y")) #struct_time of day changing time
        self.show_timestamp = True
        self.show_short_nick = False
        self.show_title = 1 #0: clip title; 1: full title; 2: no title
        self.subject = None

    def keypress(self, size, key):
        if key == "meta p": #user wants to (un)hide the presents panel
            if self.type == 'group':
                widgets = [widget for (widget, options) in self.chat_colums.contents]
                if self.present_panel in widgets:
        elif key == "meta t": #user wants to (un)hide timestamp
            self.show_timestamp = not self.show_timestamp
            for wid in self.content:
        elif key == "meta n": #user wants to (not) use short nick
            self.show_short_nick = not self.show_short_nick
            for wid in self.content:
        elif key == "meta l": #user wants to (un)hide widget decoration
            show = not isinstance(self._w, sat_widgets.LabelLine)
        elif key == "meta s": #user wants to (un)hide group's subject or change its apperance
            if self.subject:
                self.show_title = (self.show_title + 1) % 3
                if self.show_title == 0:
                elif self.show_title == 1:
                elif self.show_title == 2:
                    self.chat_widget.header = None

        return super(Chat, self).keypress(size, key)

    def getMenu(self):
        """Return Menu bar"""
        menu = sat_widgets.Menu(
        if self.type == 'group':
            game = _("Game")
            menu.addMenu(game, "Tarot", self.onTarotRequest)
        elif self.type == 'one2one':
            menu.addMenu(_("Action"), _("Send file"), self.onSendFileRequest)
        return menu

    def setType(self, type):
        QuickChat.setType(self, type)
        if type == 'one2one':
        elif type == 'group':
            if len(self.chat_colums.contents) == 1:
                present_widget = self.__buildPresentList()
                self.present_panel = sat_widgets.VerticalSeparator(present_widget)

    def __getDecoration(self, widget):
        return sat_widgets.LabelLine(widget, sat_widgets.SurroundedText(unicode(unescapePrivate(

    def showDecoration(self, show=True):
        """Show/Hide the decoration around the chat window"""
        if show:
            main_widget = self.__getDecoration(self.pile)
            main_widget = self.pile
        self._w = main_widget

    def _presentClicked(self, list_wid, clicked_wid):
        assert(self.type == 'group')
        nick = clicked_wid.getValue()
        if nick == self.getUserNick():
            #We ignore click on our own nick
        #we have a click on a nick, we add the private conversation to the contact_list
        full_jid = JID("%s/%s" % (, nick))
        new_jid = escapePrivate(full_jid)
        if new_jid not in

        #now we select the new window, True)

    def __buildPresentList(self):
        self.present_wid = sat_widgets.GenericList([],option_type = sat_widgets.ClickableText, on_click=self._presentClicked)
        return self.present_wid

    def __appendPresentPanel(self):
        self.chat_colums.contents.append((self.present_panel,('weight', 2, False)))

    def __removePresentPanel(self):
        for widget, options in self.chat_colums.contents:
            if widget is self.present_panel:
                self.chat_colums.contents.remove((widget, options))

    def __appendGamePanel(self, widget):
        assert (len(self.pile.contents) == 1)
        self.pile.contents.insert(0,(widget,('weight', 1, False)))
        self.pile.contents.insert(1,(urwid.Filler(urwid.Divider('-'),('fixed', 1))))

    def __removeGamePanel(self):
        assert (len(self.pile.contents) == 3)
        del self.pile.contents[0]

    def setSubject(self, subject, wrap='space'):
        """Set title for a group chat"""
        QuickChat.setSubject(self, subject)
        self.subject = subject
        self.subj_wid = urwid.Text(unicode(subject.replace('\n','|') if wrap == 'clip' else subject ),
                                  align='left' if wrap=='clip' else 'center',wrap=wrap)
        self.chat_widget.header = urwid.AttrMap(self.subj_wid,'title')

    def setPresents(self, param_nicks):
        """Set the users presents in the contact list for a group chat
        @param nicks: list of nicknames
        nicks = [unicode(nick) for nick in param_nicks] #FIXME: should be done in DBus bridge
        QuickChat.setPresents(self, nicks)

    def replaceUser(self, param_nick, show_info=True):
        """Add user if it is not in the group list"""
        nick = unicode(param_nick) #FIXME: should be done in DBus bridge
        QuickChat.replaceUser(self, nick, show_info)
        presents = self.present_wid.getAllValues()
        if nick not in presents:

    def removeUser(self, param_nick, show_info=True):
        """Remove a user from the group list"""
        nick = unicode(param_nick) #FIXME: should be done in DBus bridge
        QuickChat.removeUser(self, nick, show_info)

    def printMessage(self, from_jid, msg, profile, timestamp=""):
        assert isinstance(from_jid, JID)
            jid,nick,mymess = QuickChat.printMessage(self, from_jid, msg, profile, timestamp)
        except TypeError:

        new_text = ChatText(self, timestamp or None, nick, mymess, msg)

        if timestamp and self.content:
            for idx in range(len(self.content)-1,-1,-1):
                current_text = self.content[idx]
                if new_text.timestamp < current_text.timestamp and idx > 0:
                    continue #the new message is older, we need to insert it upper

                #we discard double messages, to avoid backlog / history conflict
                if ((idx and self.content[idx-1].message == msg) or
                    (self.content[idx].message == msg) or
                    (idx<len(self.content)-2 and self.content[idx+1].message)):

                self.content.insert(idx+1, new_text)

        if self.text_list.get_focus()[1] == len(self.content)-2:
            #we don't change focus if user is not at the bottom
            #as that mean that he is probably watching discussion history
        if not
            if self.type=="one2one":
      "Primitivus: %s is talking to you") % from_jid)
            elif self.getUserNick().lower() in msg.lower():
      "Primitivus: Somebody pinged your name in %s room") %

    def printInfo(self, msg, type='normal', timestamp=""):
        """Print general info
        @param msg: message to print
        @type: one of:
            normal: general info like "toto has joined the room"
            me: "/me" information like "/me clenches his fist" ==> "toto clenches his fist"
        #FIXME: duplicated code, this must be refactored
        _widget = ChatText(self, timestamp or None, None, False, msg, is_info=True)
        if self.text_list.get_focus()[1] == len(self.content)-2:
            #we don't change focus if user is not at the bottom
            #as that mean that he is probably watching discussion history
        if not
            if self.type=="one2one":
      "Primitivus: there is a message about you"))
            elif self.getUserNick().lower() in msg.lower():
      "Primitivus: Somebody is talking about you in %s room") %

    def startGame(self, game_type, referee, players):
        """Configure the chat window to start a game"""
        if game_type=="Tarot":
            self.tarot_wid = CardGame(self, referee, players, self.nick)

    def getGame(self, game_type):
        """Return class managing the game type"""
        #TODO: check that the game is launched, and manage errors
        if game_type=="Tarot":
            return self.tarot_wid

    def onTarotRequest(self, menu):
        if len(self.occupants) != 4:
  "Can't start game"), _("You need to be exactly 4 peoples in the room to start a Tarot game"),
  , list(self.occupants),

    def onSendFileRequest(self, menu):
        dialog = FileDialog(ok_cb=self.onFileSelected,, 80, 80)

    def onFileSelected(self, filepath):
        #FIXME: check last_resource: what if exists ?
        last_resource =,
        if last_resource:
            full_jid = JID("%s/%s" % (, last_resource))
            full_jid =
        progress_id =, filepath, {},,filepath)