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XEP-0059: max value check: check that max is not negative, this is to spot the accidental use of C.NO_LIMIT for max
author Goffi <>
date Fri, 11 Jan 2019 09:48:19 +0100
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#!/usr/bin/env python2
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# SAT plugin for Message Archive Management (XEP-0313)
# Copyright (C) 2009-2018 Jérôme Poisson (
# Copyright (C) 2013-2016 Adrien Cossa (

# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.

# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU Affero General Public License for more details.

# You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
# along with this program.  If not, see <>.

from sat.core.constants import Const as C
from sat.core.i18n import _
from sat.core.log import getLogger
from sat.core import exceptions
from import data_format
from twisted.words.protocols.jabber import jid
from twisted.internet import defer
from zope.interface import implements
from datetime import datetime
from dateutil import tz
from wokkel import disco
from wokkel import data_form
import uuid

# XXX: mam and rsm come from sat_tmp.wokkel
from wokkel import rsm
from wokkel import mam

log = getLogger(__name__)

MESSAGE_RESULT = "/message/result[@xmlns='{mam_ns}' and @queryid='{query_id}']"

    C.PI_NAME: u"Message Archive Management",
    C.PI_IMPORT_NAME: u"XEP-0313",
    C.PI_TYPE: u"XEP",
    C.PI_PROTOCOLS: [u"XEP-0313"],
    C.PI_DEPENDENCIES: [u"XEP-0059", u"XEP-0359"],
    C.PI_MAIN: u"XEP_0313",
    C.PI_HANDLER: u"yes",
    C.PI_DESCRIPTION: _(u"""Implementation of Message Archive Management"""),

MAM_PREFIX = u"mam_"

class XEP_0313(object):
    def __init__(self, host):"Message Archive Management plugin initialization")) = host"mam", mam.NS_MAM)
        self._rsm = host.plugins[u"XEP-0059"]
        self._sid = host.plugins[u"XEP-0359"]
            "MAMGet", ".plugin", in_sign='sss',
            out_sign='(a(sdssa{ss}a{ss}sa{ss})a{ss}s)', method=self._getArchives,

    def profileConnected(self, client):
        last_mess = yield
            None, None, limit=1, filters={u'not_types': C.MESS_TYPE_GROUPCHAT,
                                          u'last_stanza_id': True},
        if not last_mess:
  "It seems that we have no MAM history yet"))
        stanza_id = last_mess[0][-1][u'stanza_id']
        rsm_req = rsm.RSMRequest(max_=100, after=stanza_id)
        mam_req = mam.MAMRequest(rsm_=rsm_req)
        complete = False
        count = 0
        while not complete:
            mam_data = yield self.getArchives(client, mam_req,
            elt_list, rsm_response, mam_response = mam_data
            complete = mam_response[u"complete"]
            # we update MAM request for next iteration
            mam_req.rsm.after = rsm_response.last
            if not elt_list:
                count += len(elt_list)

            for mess_elt in elt_list:
                    fwd_message_elt = self.getMessageFromResult(client, mess_elt, mam_req)
                except exceptions.DataError:


        if not count:
  "We have received no message while offline"))
  "We have received {num_mess} message(s) while offline.")

    def getHandler(self, client):
        mam_client = client._mam = SatMAMClient()
        return mam_client

    def parseExtra(self, extra, with_rsm=True):
        """Parse extra dictionnary to retrieve MAM arguments

        @param extra(dict): data for parse
        @param with_rsm(bool): if True, RSM data will be parsed too
        @return (data_form, None): request with parsed arguments
            or None if no MAM arguments have been found
        mam_args = {}
        form_args = {}
        for arg in (u"start", u"end"):
                value = extra.pop(MAM_PREFIX + arg)
                form_args[arg] = datetime.fromtimestamp(float(value), tz.tzutc())
            except (TypeError, ValueError):
                log.warning(u"Bad value for {arg} filter ({value}), ignoring".format(
                    arg=arg, value=value))
            except KeyError:

            form_args[u"with_jid"] = jid.JID(extra.pop(
                MAM_PREFIX + u"with"))
        except (jid.InvalidFormat):
            log.warning(u"Bad value for jid filter")
        except KeyError:

        for name, value in extra.iteritems():
            if name.startswith(FILTER_PREFIX):
                var = name[len(FILTER_PREFIX):]
                extra_fields = form_args.setdefault(u"extra_fields", [])
                extra_fields.append(data_form.Field(var=var, value=value))

        for arg in (u"node", u"query_id"):
                value = extra.pop(MAM_PREFIX + arg)
                mam_args[arg] = value
            except KeyError:

        if with_rsm:
            rsm_request = self._rsm.parseExtra(extra)
            if rsm_request is not None:
                mam_args["rsm_"] = rsm_request

        if form_args:
            mam_args["form"] = mam.buildForm(**form_args)

        # we only set orderBy if we have other MAM args
        # else we would make a MAM query while it's not expected
        if u"order_by" in extra and mam_args:
            order_by = extra.pop(u"order_by")
            assert isinstance(order_by, list)
            mam_args["orderBy"] = order_by

        return mam.MAMRequest(**mam_args) if mam_args else None

    def serialise(self, mam_response, data=None):
        """Serialise data for MAM

        Key set in data can be:
            - mam_complete: a bool const indicating if all items have been received
            - mam_stable: a bool const which is False if items order may be changed
        All values are set as strings.
        @param mam_response(dict): response data to serialise
        @param data(dict, None): dict to update with mam_* data.
            If None, a new dict is created
        @return (dict): data dict
        if data is None:
            data = {}
        data[u"mam_complete"] = C.boolConst(mam_response[u'complete'])
        data[u"mam_stable"] = C.boolConst(mam_response[u'stable'])
        return data

    def getMessageFromResult(self, client, mess_elt, mam_req, service=None):
        """Extract usable <message/> from MAM query result

        The message will be validated, and stanza-id/delay will be added if necessary.
        @param mess_elt(domish.Element): result <message/> element wrapping the message
            to retrieve
        @param mam_req(mam.MAMRequest): request used (needed to get query_id)
        @param service(jid.JID, None): MAM service where the request has been sent
            None if it's user server
        @return (domish.Element): <message/> that can be used directly with onMessage
        if != u"message":
            log.warning(u"unexpected stanza in archive: {xml}".format(
            raise exceptions.DataError(u"Invalid element")
        service_jid = client.jid.userhostJID() if service is None else service
        mess_from = mess_elt[u"from"]
        # we check that the message has been sent by the right service
        # if service is None (i.e. message expected from our own server)
        # from can be server jid or user's bare jid
        if (mess_from != service_jid.full()
            and not (service is None and mess_from ==
            log.error(u"Message is not from our server, something went wrong: "
            raise exceptions.DataError(u"Invalid element")
            result_elt = next(mess_elt.elements(mam.NS_MAM, u"result"))
            forwarded_elt = next(result_elt.elements(C.NS_FORWARD, u"forwarded"))
                delay_elt = next(forwarded_elt.elements(C.NS_DELAY, u"delay"))
            except StopIteration:
                # delay_elt is not mandatory
                delay_elt = None
            fwd_message_elt = next(forwarded_elt.elements(C.NS_CLIENT, u"message"))
        except StopIteration:
            log.warning(u"Invalid message received from MAM: {xml}".format(
            raise exceptions.DataError(u"Invalid element")
            if not result_elt[u"queryid"] == mam_req.query_id:
                log.error(u"Unexpected query id (was expecting {query_id}): {xml}"
                    .format(query_id=mam.query_id, xml=mess_elt.toXml()))
                raise exceptions.DataError(u"Invalid element")
            stanza_id = self._sid.getStanzaId(fwd_message_elt,
            if stanza_id is None:
                # not stanza-id element is present, we add one so message
                # will be archived with it, and we won't request several times
                # the same MAM achive
                    stanza_id = result_elt[u"id"]
                except AttributeError:
                    log.warning(u'Invalid MAM result: missing "id" attribute: {xml}'
                    raise exceptions.DataError(u"Invalid element")
                self._sid.addStanzaId(client, fwd_message_elt, stanza_id, by=service_jid)

            if delay_elt is not None:

            return fwd_message_elt

    def queryFields(self, client, service=None):
        """Ask the server about supported fields.

        @param service: entity offering the MAM service (None for user archives)
        @return (D(data_form.Form)): form with the implemented fields (cf XEP-0313 §4.1.5)
        return client._mam.queryFields(service)

    def queryArchive(self, client, mam_req, service=None):
        """Query a user, MUC or pubsub archive.

        @param mam_req(mam.MAMRequest): MAM query instance
        @param service(jid.JID, None): entity offering the MAM service
            None for user server
        @return (D(domish.Element)): <IQ/> result
        return client._mam.queryArchive(mam_req, service)

    def _appendMessage(self, elt_list, message_cb, message_elt):
        if message_cb is not None:

    def _queryFinished(self, iq_result, client, elt_list, event):
        client.xmlstream.removeObserver(event, self._appendMessage)
            fin_elt = iq_result.elements(mam.NS_MAM, "fin").next()
        except StopIteration:
            raise exceptions.DataError(u"Invalid MAM result")

        mam_response = {u"complete": C.bool(fin_elt.getAttribute(u"complete", C.BOOL_FALSE)),
                        u"stable": C.bool(fin_elt.getAttribute(u"stable", C.BOOL_TRUE))}

            rsm_response = rsm.RSMResponse.fromElement(fin_elt)
        except rsm.RSMNotFoundError:
            rsm_response = None

        return (elt_list, rsm_response, mam_response)

    def serializeArchiveResult(self, data, client, mam_req, service):
        elt_list, rsm_response, mam_response = data
        mess_list = []
        for elt in elt_list:
            fwd_message_elt = self.getMessageFromResult(client, elt, mam_req,
            mess_data = client.messageProt.parseMessage(fwd_message_elt)
        metadata = self._rsm.serialise(rsm_response)
        self.serialise(mam_response, metadata)
        return mess_list, metadata, client.profile

    def _getArchives(self, service, extra_ser, profile_key):
        @return: tuple with:
            - list of message with same data as in bridge.messageNew
            - response metadata with:
                - rsm data (rsm_first, rsm_last, rsm_count, rsm_index)
                - mam data (mam_complete, mam_stable)
            - profile
        client =
        service = jid.JID(service) if service else None
        extra = data_format.deserialise(extra_ser, {})
        mam_req = self.parseExtra(extra)

        d = self.getArchives(client, mam_req, service=service)
        d.addCallback(self.serializeArchiveResult, client, mam_req, service)
        return d

    def getArchives(self, client, query, service=None, message_cb=None):
        """Query archive and gather page result

        @param query(mam.MAMRequest): MAM request
        @param service(jid.JID, None): MAM service to use
            None to use our own server
        @param message_cb(callable, None): callback to use on each message
            this method can be used to unwrap messages
        @return (tuple[list[domish.Element], rsm.RSMResponse, dict): result data with:
            - list of found elements
            - RSM response
            - MAM response, which is a dict with following value:
                - complete: a boolean which is True if all items have been received
                - stable: a boolean which is False if items order may be changed
        if query.query_id is None:
            query.query_id = unicode(uuid.uuid4())
        elt_list = []
        event = MESSAGE_RESULT.format(mam_ns=mam.NS_MAM, query_id=query.query_id)
        client.xmlstream.addObserver(event, self._appendMessage, 0, elt_list, message_cb)
        d = self.queryArchive(client, query, service)
        d.addCallback(self._queryFinished, client, elt_list, event)
        return d

    def getPrefs(self, client, service=None):
        """Retrieve the current user preferences.

        @param service: entity offering the MAM service (None for user archives)
        @return: the server response as a Deferred domish.Element
        return client._mam.queryPrefs(service)

    def _setPrefs(self, service_s=None, default="roster", always=None, never=None,
        service = jid.JID(service_s) if service_s else None
        always_jid = [jid.JID(entity) for entity in always]
        never_jid = [jid.JID(entity) for entity in never]
        # TODO: why not build here a MAMPrefs object instead of passing the args separately?
        return self.setPrefs(service, default, always_jid, never_jid, profile_key)

    def setPrefs(self, client, service=None, default="roster", always=None, never=None):
        """Set news user preferences.

        @param service: entity offering the MAM service (None for user archives)
        @param default (unicode): a value in ('always', 'never', 'roster')
        @param always (list): a list of JID instances
        @param never (list): a list of JID instances
        @param profile_key (unicode): %(doc_profile_key)s
        @return: the server response as a Deferred domish.Element
        return client._mam.setPrefs(service, default, always, never)

class SatMAMClient(mam.MAMClient):

    def getDiscoInfo(self, requestor, target, nodeIdentifier=""):
        return [disco.DiscoFeature(mam.NS_MAM)]

    def getDiscoItems(self, requestor, target, nodeIdentifier=""):
        return []