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 .. _XEP-0372 (References):
+The repeat feature (also named "share", or "boost") which consist of republishing an item
+of interest under our own account to make it visible to our subscribers, is done on the
+XMPP side with `XEP-0277 § Repeating a Post`_, and on the AP side it's an ``Announce``
+activity. Conversion is done in both directions and should be transparent to user.
+.. _XEP-0277 § Repeating a Post:
+AP's ``Like`` activity is converted on the XMPP side to "`Pubsub Attachment`_", which is
+currently a "protoXEP", i.e. a specification proposed as a standard (not yet reviewed by
+`XMPP Council`_). ``Like`` is converted to ``noticed`` attachment, meaning that it used in
+to indicate that something has been seen and taken into account, without really indication
+if the content is liked or disliked (see Pubsub Attachment § Foreword: `"noticed" instead
+of "like" or "favourite"`_ for the rational).
+As usual, conversion is done in both ways.
+.. _Pubsub Attachment:
+.. _XMPP Council:
+.. _"noticed" instead of "like" or "favourite":
 Using the Component (for developers)
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 Note the double escaping, one for the shell argument, and the other to specify JSON