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core (xmlui): deferDialog can now manage additional dialog options through the "options" argument
author Goffi <>
date Fri, 25 Sep 2015 19:19:12 +0200
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files src/tools/
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--- a/src/tools/	Fri Sep 25 19:19:12 2015 +0200
+++ b/src/tools/	Fri Sep 25 19:19:12 2015 +0200
@@ -1056,6 +1056,11 @@
             - C.XMLUI_DATA_BTNS_SET: one of:
                 - C.XMLUI_DATA_BTNS_SET_OKCANCEL (default): classical "OK" and "Cancel" set
                 - C.XMLUI_DATA_BTNS_SET_YESNO: a translated "yes" for OK, and "no" for Cancel
+            - C.XMLUI_DATA_FILETYPE: only used for file dialogs, one of:
+                - C.XMLUI_DATA_FILETYPE_FILE: a file path is requested
+                - C.XMLUI_DATA_FILETYPE_DIR: a dir path is requested
         @param title: title or default if None
         @param submit_id: callback id to call for panel_type we can submit (form, param, dialog)
         @param session_id: use to keep a session attached to the dialog, must be returned by frontends
@@ -1259,17 +1264,21 @@
     host.actionNew({'xmlui': xmlui.toXml()}, profile)
     return xmlui_d
-def deferDialog(host, message, title=u'Please confirm', type_=C.XMLUI_DIALOG_CONFIRM, profile=None):
+def deferDialog(host, message, title=u'Please confirm', type_=C.XMLUI_DIALOG_CONFIRM, options=None, profile=None):
     """Create a submitable dialog and manage it with a deferred
     @param message(unicode): message to display
     @param title(unicode): title of the dialog
     @param type(unicode): dialog type (C.XMLUI_DIALOG_*)
+    @param options(None, dict): if not None, will be used to update (extend) dialog_opt arguments of XMLUI
     @param profile: %(doc_profile)s
     @return (dict): Deferred dict
     assert profile is not None
-    dialog = XMLUI(C.XMLUI_DIALOG, title=title, dialog_opt = {'type': type_, 'message': message}, submit_id='')
+    dialog_opt = {'type': type_, 'message': message}
+    if options is not None:
+        dialog_opt.update(options)
+    dialog = XMLUI(C.XMLUI_DIALOG, title=title, dialog_opt=dialog_opt, submit_id='')
     return deferXMLUI(host, dialog, profile)
 def deferConfirm(*args, **kwargs):