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Libervia's installation is currently a bit tricky. Full installation and
configuration instructions are given on the Salut à Toi wiki:

== Prerequesites ==

These steps are detailed on the Salut à Toi wiki:

* install and configure Salut à Toi
* install and configure a local XMPP server (we recommend using Prosody)
* install sat_pubsub

== Dependencies ==

* you need to install the txJSON-RPC dependency. The installation script of the current
stable release is buggy, and it's fixed on the Bazaar repository, so you need to install
Bazaar or git and clone the repository:

  bzr branch lp:txjsonrpc


  git clone git://

Then you can install it:

  cd txjsonrpc
  python install '''(as root, "sudo python install" for *buntu)'''

* install python2-gobject2 from your distribution repositories
* install the git version of pyjamas (

  git clone git://
  cd pyjamas
You can need to force a python version if libervia's compilation doesn't work, for example:


Salut à Toi and Libervia are being developped with Python 2.7.3.
You can check that it works by compiling the helloworld example:

  cd examples/helloworld

If you have no error message, it should be allright.

== Install Libervia ==

* to install Libervia using setuptools, the pyjsbuild executable should be accessible
from your environment variable "PATH". The easiest would be:

  cd pyjamas
  sudo ln -sf bin/pyjsbuild /usr/bin/pyjsbuild 

* clone libervia repository:

  hg clone

* install Libervia:

  cd libervia
  python install

* create an account "libervia@yourserver.tld" (replace "yourserver.tld" by ""
or something else) on your XMPP server, create a profile on SàT named "libervia", and
plug the SàT profile to this account.

== Configuration ==

You can configure the Libervia service from the SàT configuration file, for example:


Check the wiki for more information:

== Usage ==

The four components must be launched in the following order:

* prosody
* sat_pubsub (with the xmpp domain and password as declared in prosodi.cfg.lua)
* sat
* libervia's web server

Your command input would look like that:

  cd prosody && prosodyctl start
  twistd sat_pubsub --jid=sat-pubsub.<xmpp_domain> --secret=<password>

You can now drop your web browser on http://localhost:8080/libervia.html

If you encounter any issue, you can ask for help on MUC room
or use the dev mailing list: