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browser (dialog): color of `OK` button can be specified: `ok_color` argument can be for the moment either `confirm` or `danger`
author Goffi <>
date Mon, 24 Aug 2020 22:53:15 +0200
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"""manage common dialogs"""

from browser import document, timer
from template import Template

class Confirm:

    def __init__(self, message, ok_label="", cancel_label="", ok_color="success"):
        self._tpl = Template("dialogs/confirm.html")
        self.message = message
        self.ok_label = ok_label
        assert ok_color in ("success", "danger")
        self.ok_color = ok_color
        self.cancel_label = cancel_label

    def cancel_cb(self, evt, notif_elt):

    def show(self, ok_cb, cancel_cb=None):
        if cancel_cb is None:
            cancel_cb = self.cancel_cb
        notif_elt = self._tpl.get_elt({
            "message": self.message,
            "ok_label": self.ok_label,
            "ok_color": self.ok_color,
            "cancel_label": self.cancel_label,

        document['notifs_area'] <= notif_elt
        timer.set_timeout(lambda: notif_elt.classList.add('state_appended'), 0)
        for cancel_elt in".click_to_cancel"):
            cancel_elt.bind("click", lambda evt: cancel_cb(evt, notif_elt))
        for cancel_elt in".click_to_ok"):
            cancel_elt.bind("click", lambda evt: ok_cb(evt, notif_elt))

class Notification:

    def __init__(self):
        self._tpl = Template("dialogs/notification.html")

    def close(self, notif_elt):
        notif_elt.bind("transitionend", lambda __: notif_elt.remove())

    def show(
        message: str,
        level: str = "info",
        delay: int = 5
    ) -> None:
        # we log in console error messages, may be useful
        if level in ("warning", "error"):
            print(f"[{level}] {message}")
        notif_elt = self._tpl.get_elt({
            "message": message,
            "level": level,
        document["notifs_area"] <= notif_elt
        timer.set_timeout(lambda: notif_elt.classList.add('state_appended'), 0)
        timer.set_timeout(lambda: self.close(notif_elt), delay * 1000)
        for elt in'.click_to_close'):
            elt.bind('click', lambda __: self.close(notif_elt))

notification = Notification()