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browser side: big refactoring to base Libervia on QuickFrontend, first draft: /!\ not finished, partially working and highly instable - add collections module with an OrderedDict like class - SatWebFrontend inherit from QuickApp - general sat_frontends tools.jid module is used - bridge/json methods have moved to json module - UniBox is partially removed (should be totally removed before merge to trunk) - Signals are now register with the generic registerSignal method (which is called mainly in QuickFrontend) - the generic getOrCreateWidget method from QuickWidgetsManager is used instead of Libervia's specific methods - all Widget are now based more or less directly on QuickWidget - with the new QuickWidgetsManager.getWidgets method, it's no more necessary to check all widgets which are instance of a particular class - ChatPanel and related moved to chat module - MicroblogPanel and related moved to blog module - global and overcomplicated send method has been disabled: each class should manage its own sending - for consistency with other frontends, former ContactPanel has been renamed to ContactList and vice versa - for the same reason, ChatPanel has been renamed to Chat - for compatibility with QuickFrontend, a fake profile is used in several places, it is set to C.PROF_KEY_NONE (real profile is managed server side for obvious security reasons) - changed default url for web panel to SàT website, and contact address to generic SàT contact address - ContactList is based on QuickContactList, UI changes are done in update method - bride call (now json module) have been greatly improved, in particular call can be done in the same way as for other frontends (bridge.method_name(arg1, arg2, ..., callback=cb, errback=eb). Blocking method must be called like async methods due to javascript architecture - in bridge calls, a callback can now exists without errback - hard reload on BridgeSignals remote error has been disabled, a better option should be implemented - use of constants where that make sens, some style improvments - avatars are temporarily disabled - lot of code disabled, will be fixed or removed before merge - various other changes, check diff for more details server side: manage remote exception on getEntityData, removed getProfileJid call, added getWaitingConf, added getRoomsSubjects
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date Sat, 24 Jan 2015 01:45:39 +0100
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