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Libervia's installation is currently a bit tricky. Please note that this file instructs
a minimal configuration of Libervia. For a complete procedure including the installation
and configuration of your XMPP server and enabling the blog and directory features,
please consult this page on the Salut à Toi wiki:

== Prerequesites ==

These steps are detailed on the Salut à Toi wiki:

* install and configure Salut à Toi
* install and configure a local XMPP server (we recommend using Prosody)
* install sat_pubsub

== Dependencies ==

* you need to install the txJSON-RPC and Jinja2 dependencies (as root):
  pip install txJSON-RPC jinja2
* install python2-gobject2 from your distribution repositories. For example:
  apt-get install python-gobject2
* install pyjamas. We use the version which used to be on, not the fork
  from Since has been down for a while, you can retrieve
  the package from our FTP.

  tar xvjf pyjamas.tar.bz2
  cd pyjamas
Note that we force the python version to 2.7. Salut à Toi and Libervia will be ported
to Python 3 after the Twisted framework which is our main dependency.
You can check that it works by compiling the helloworld example:

  cd examples/helloworld

If you have no error message, it should be allright.

== Install Libervia ==

* to install Libervia using setuptools, the pyjsbuild executable should be accessible
from your environment variable "PATH". The easiest would be:

  cd pyjamas
  sudo ln -sf `pwd`/bin/pyjsbuild /usr/bin/pyjsbuild 

* clone libervia repository:

  hg clone

* install Libervia:

  cd libervia
  python install

* create an account "" (replace "" with your
domain or virtual host) on your XMPP server, create a profile on SàT named
"libervia", and plug the SàT profile to this account with jp or primitivus.
  jp profile create libervia -j libervia@yourserver.tld -p <libervia_password>

== Configuration ==

You can configure the Libervia service from the SàT configuration file, for example:

  port = 8080
  port_https = 8443
  port_https_ext = 8443
  connection_type = both
  ssl_certificate = libervia.pem
  redirect_to_https = 0
  security_warning = 1
  passphrase = <libervia_password>
  data_dir = ~/workspace/libervia

Check the wiki for more information:

== Usage ==

The four components must be launched in the following order:

* prosody
* sat_pubsub (with the xmpp domain and password as declared in prosodi.cfg.lua)
* sat
* libervia's web server

Your command input would look like that:

  cd prosody && prosodyctl start
  twistd sat_pubsub --jid=sat-pubsub.<xmpp_domain> --secret=<password>

You can now drop your web browser on http://localhost:8080/libervia.html

If you encounter any issue, you can ask for help on MUC room
or use the dev mailing list: