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- 'Stage-Beta'
summary: Implementation of the Munin node protocol


This module implements the Munin reporting protocol, allowing you to
collect statistics directly from Prosody into Munin.


There is only one recommended option, `munin_node_name`, which specifies
the name that Prosody will identify itself by to the Munin server. You
may want to set this to the same hostname as in the [SRV record][doc:dns]
for the machine.

modules_enabled = {
    -- your other modules

munin_node_name = ""

## Summary

All these must be in [the global section][doc:configure#overview].

  Option                  Type     Default
  ----------------------- -------- ---------------------------
  munin\_node\_name       string   `"localhost"`
  munin\_ignored\_stats   set      `{ }`
  munin\_ports            set      `{ 4949 }`
  munin\_interfaces       set      `{ "", "::" }`[^1]

[^1]: Varies depending on availability of IPv4 and IPv6

## Ports and interfaces

`mod_munin` listens on port `4949` on all local interfaces by default.
This can be changed with the standard [port and network configuration][doc:ports]:

``` lua
-- defaults:
munin_ports = { 4949 }
munin_interfaces = { "::", "" }

If you already have a `munin-node` instance running, you can set a
different port to avoid the conflict.

## Configuring Munin

Simply add `munin_node_name` surrounded by brackets to `/etc/munin/munin.conf`:

``` ini
port 4949

You can leave out `address` if it equal to the name in brackets, and
leave out the `port` if it is the default (`4949`).

Setting `address` to an IP address may sometimes be useful as the Munin
collection server is not delayed by DNS lookups in case of network

If you set a different port, or if the hostname to connect to is
different from this hostname, make sure to add `port` and/or `address`

See [Munin documentation][muninconf] for more information.


**Requires** Prosody 0.10 or above