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mod_invites_register_web: Add mod_password_policy checks for web registration
author Matthew Wild <>
date Wed, 22 Dec 2021 15:05:31 +0000
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- 'Stage-Beta'
summary: 'Register accounts via the web using invite tokens'
  - mod_invites
  - mod_invites_page
  - mod_password_policy
  - mod_register_apps
    - html


This module is part of the suite of modules that implement invite-based
account registration for Prosody. The other modules are:

- [mod_invites]
- [mod_invites_adhoc]
- [mod_invites_page]
- [mod_invites_register]
- [mod_invites_api]
- [mod_register_apps]

For details and a full overview, start with the [mod_invites] documentation.


mod_invites_register_web implements a web-based registration form that
validates invite tokens. It also supports guiding the user through client
download and configuration via mod_register_apps.

There is no specific configuration for this module (though it uses the
optional `site_name` to override the displayed site name.

You may also set `webchat_url` to the URL of a web chat that will be linked
to after successful registration. If not specified but mod_conversejs is loaded
on the current host, it will default to the URL of that module.

This module depends on mod_invites_page solely for the case where an invalid
invite token is received - it will redirect to mod_invites_page so that an
appropriate error can be served to the user.

The module also depends on [mod_password_policy] (which will be automatically
loaded). As a consequence of this module being loaded, the default password
policies will be enforced for all registrations on the server if not
explicitly loaded or configured.