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summary: Subscribe to Atom and RSS feeds over pubsub

# Introduction

This module allows Prosody to fetch Atom and RSS feeds for you, and push
new results to subscribers over XMPP.

This module also implements a
subscriber, allowing updates be delivered without polling for supporting
feed publishers.

# Configuration

This module needs to be be loaded together with

For example, this is how you could add it to an existing pubsub

``` lua
Component "" "pubsub"
modules_enabled = { "pubsub_feeds" }

feeds = {
  -- The part before = is used as PubSub node
  planet_jabber = "";
  prosody_blog = "";

This example creates two nodes, 'planet\_jabber' and 'prosody\_blog'
that clients can subscribe to using
[XEP-0060]( Results are in
[ATOM 1.0 format]( for easy consumption.

  Option                 Description
  ---------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  feeds                  A list of virtual nodes to create and their associated Atom or RSS URL.
  feed\_pull\_interval   Number of minutes between polling for new results (default 15)
  use\_pubsubhubub       If PubSubHubbub should be enabled, true by default.

# Compatibility

  ----- -------
  0.9   Works
  ----- -------