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- Statistics
summary: Implementation of the Prometheus protocol


This module implements the Prometheus reporting protocol, allowing you
to collect statistics directly from Prosody into Prometheus.

See the [Prometheus documentation][prometheusconf] on the format for
more information.



mod\_prometheus itself doesnt have any configuration option, but it
requires Prosodys [internal statistics
provider]( to be
enabled.  You may also want to change the default collection interval
to the one your statistics consumer is using.

statistics = "internal"
statistics_interval = 15 -- in seconds

See also the documentation of Prosodys [HTTP
server](, since Prometheus is an HTTP
protocol that is how you can customise its URL.  The default one being


  ------- -------------
  trunk   Works
  0.11    Works
  0.10    Works
  0.9     Does not work
  ------- -------------