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mod_secure_interfaces: Add debug log in non-secure case also
author Matthew Wild <>
date Thu, 06 Jul 2017 10:48:39 +0100
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local secure_interfaces = module:get_option_set("secure_interfaces", { "" });

module:hook("stream-features", function (event)
	local session = event.origin;
	if session.type ~= "c2s_unauthed" then return; end
	local socket = session.conn:socket();
	if not socket.getsockname then
		module:log("debug", "Unable to determine local address of incoming connection");
	local localip = socket:getsockname();
	if secure_interfaces:contains(localip) then
		module:log("debug", "Marking session from %s to %s as secure", session.ip or "[?]", localip); = true;
		module:log("debug", "Not marking session from %s to %s as secure", session.ip or "[?]", localip);
end, 2500);