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mod_debug_traceback: Descendent of mod_traceback with some additional features
author Matthew Wild <>
date Fri, 16 Oct 2020 14:23:10 +0100
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- 'Stage-Alpha'
summary: Generate tracebacks on-demand

# Introduction

This module writes out a traceback to a file when a chosen signal (by default
`SIGUSR1`) is received. It can be useful to diagnose cases where Prosody is

# Configuration

:   The name of the file to write the traceback to. Some variables
    are supported, see [mod_log_ringbuffer] docs for more info. Defaults
    to `{}/traceback-{pid}-{count}.log`.

:   The name of the signal to listen for. Defaults to `SIGUSR1`.

# Compatibility

Prosody 0.11 or later.