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mod_measure_malloc: port to most recent trunk statistics API
author Jonas Schäfer <>
date Tue, 25 May 2021 19:01:54 +0200
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summary: mod_http_upload to mod_http_file_share migrator
- Stage-Alpha

This is a migration script for converting records of [mod_http_upload]
into the format used by the new [mod_http_file_share][doc:modules:mod_http_file_share]
which will be available with Prosody 0.12 (currently in trunk).

# Usage

If your main `VirtualHost` is called "" and your HTTP upload
`Component` is called "", then this command would
convert records of existing uploads via [mod_http_upload] to

sudo prosodyctl mod_migrate_http_upload

In order to preserve URLs you will need to configure the
[path][doc:http#path_configuration] to be the same as mod_http_upload:

Component "" "http_file_share"
http_paths = {
    file_share = "/upload"