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author Jonas Schäfer <>
date Tue, 25 May 2021 19:01:54 +0200
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- 'Stage-Alpha'
summary: 'XEP-0356 (Privileged Entity) implementation'


Privileged Entity is an extension which allows entity/component to have
privileged access to server (set/get roster, send message on behalf of
server, access presence informations). It can be used to build services
independently of server (e.g.: PEP service).


You can have all the details by reading the


To use the module, like usual add **"privilege"** to your
modules\_enabled. Note that if you use it with a local component, you
also need to activate the module in your component section:

    modules_enabled = {


    Component "youcomponent.yourdomain.tld"
        component_secret = "yourpassword"
        modules_enabled = {"privilege"}

then specify privileged entities **in your host section** like that:

    VirtualHost "yourdomain.tld"

        privileged_entities = {
            ["romeo@montaigu.lit"] = {
                roster = "get";
                presence = "managed_entity";
            ["juliet@capulet.lit"] = {
                roster = "both";
                message = "outgoing";
                presence = "roster";

Here *romeo@montaigu.lit* can **get** roster of anybody on the host, and
will **have presence for any user** of the host, while
*juliet@capulet.lit* can **get** and **set** a roster, **send messages**
on the behalf of the server, and **access presence of anybody linked to
the host** (not only people on the server, but also people in rosters of
users of the server).

**/! Be extra careful when you give a permission to an entity/component,
it's a powerful access, only do it if you absoly trust the
component/entity, and you know where the software is coming from**


All the permissions give access to all accounts of the virtual host.

  -------- ------------------------------------------------ ----------------------
  roster   none *(default)*                                 No access to rosters
  get      Allow **read** access to rosters                 
  set      Allow **write** access to rosters                
  both     Allow **read** and **write** access to rosters   
  -------- ------------------------------------------------ ----------------------


  ------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------
  none *(default)*   Can't send message from server
  outgoing           Allow to send message on behalf of server (from bare jids)
  ------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------


  ------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  none *(default)*   Do not have extra presence information
  managed\_entity    Receive presence stanzas (except subscriptions) from host users
  roster             Receive all presence stanzas (except subsciptions) from host users and people in their rosters
  ------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


If you use it with Prosody 0.9 and with a component, you need to patch
core/mod\_component.lua to fire a new signal. To do it, copy the
following patch in a, for example, /tmp/component.patch file:

``` {.patch}
    diff --git a/plugins/mod_component.lua b/plugins/mod_component.lua
    --- a/plugins/mod_component.lua
    +++ b/plugins/mod_component.lua
    @@ -85,6 +85,7 @@
                    session.type = "component";
                    module:log("info", "External component successfully authenticated");
    +               module:fire_event("component-authenticated", { session = session });
                    return true;

Then, at the root of prosody, enter:

`patch -p1 < /tmp/component.patch`

  ----- ----------------------------------------------------
  0.10  Works
  0.9   Need a patched core/mod\_component.lua (see above)
  ----- ----------------------------------------------------


This module is often used with mod\_delegation (c.f. XEP for more