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- 'Stage-Beta'
summary: Manually specify SRV records


This Prosody plugin lets you manually override SRV records used for a
remote host.


Simply add `"srvinjection"` to your `modules_enabled` list to enable.
Then add the `srvinjection` option to the global section.


The `srvinjection` option can be used as follows:

    srvinjection = {
      [""] = {"localhost", 5000};
      [""] = {"localhost", 5001};

The format for individual items is
`["remote-hostname"] = {"srv-hostname", srv-port};`.

The special remote hostname `"*"` can be used as a wildcard:

        srvinjection = { ["*"] = {"", 5269} } -- Use Google's XMPP server for all hostnames


The module can be reloaded via the telnet console. Edit the config file
to make any updates.

You can reload the configuration from disk:


And then reload the module to apply the configuration changes:

    module:reload("srvinjection", "*")


  ----- -------
  0.8   Works
  0.7   Works
  0.6   Works
  ----- -------

How it works

The module replaces the `lookup` function of the `net.adns` module with
its own. The original is set back when the module is unloaded.