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- 'Stage-Alpha'
summary: Alertmanager webhook receiver for pubsub

# Introduction

This module lets
publish alerts to [pubsub][doc:pubsub] via

# Setup

The relevant pubsub nodes must be created and configured somehow.
Because the request IP address is used to publish, the `publisher`
affiliation should be given to the IP address Alertmanager sends
webhooks from.

# Configuration

On the Prosody side, apart from creating and configuring the node(s)
that will be used, configure your pubsub service like this:

``` lua
Component "" "pubsub"
modules_enabled = {

-- optional extra settings:
alertmanager_body_template = [[
*ALARM!* {annotations.title?Alert} is {status}
Since {startsAt}{endsAt& until {endsAt}}
Labels: {labels%
  {idx}: {item}}
Annotations: {annotations%
  {idx}: {item}}

alertmanager_node_template = "alerts/{alert.labels.severity}"

Available configuration options:

:   Template for the textual representation of alerts.

:   Template for the pubsub node name, defaults to `"{path?alerts}"`