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- 'Stage-Beta'
summary: Manage rosters through prosodyctl


This module allows you to perform various actions on user rosters via


After putting this module in your modules directory you can use it via
prosodyctl like this:

    prosodyctl mod_roster_command COMMAND [OPTIONS...]

**Note:** Do not add mod\_roster\_command to your Prosody config file.
This is unnecessary because it will automatically be loaded by
prosodyctl when you use it.

### Commands

    subscribe user@host contact@host

Subscribes the user to the contact's presence. That is, the user will
see when the contact is online (but the contact won't see the user).

    subscribe_both user@host contact@host

The same as the 'subscribe' command, but performs the subscription in
both directions, so that both the contact and user will always see each
other online.

    unsubscribe user@host contact@host

Removes a subscription to the contact's presence.

    unsubscribe_both user@host contact@host

Same as unsubscribe, but also revokes a contact's subscription to the
user's presence.

    rename user@host contact@host [name] [group]

Sets or updates a name for a contact in the user's roster, and moves the
contact to the given group, if specified.


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