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mod_measure_lua: Use gauge instead of counter for Lua version (thanks jonas’) Fixes inclusion of a '_total' suffix on the value, and more semantically correct according to jonas’.
author Kim Alvefur <>
date Mon, 28 Jun 2021 12:20:28 +0200
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local custom_metric = require "core.statsmanager".metric
local gc_bytes = custom_metric(
	"gauge", "lua_heap", "bytes",
	"Memory used by objects under control of the Lua garbage collector"

module:hook("stats-update", function ()
	local kbytes = collectgarbage("count");
  gc_bytes:set(kbytes * 1024);

custom_metric("gauge", "lua_info", "", "Lua runtime version", { "version" }):with_labels(_VERSION):set(1);