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mod_candy/README: Link to HTTP configuration info
author Kim Alvefur <>
date Fri, 20 Jan 2017 01:20:48 +0100
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summary: Serve Candy from prosody


This is a very simple demo module showing how to serve a BOSH-using web
app from prosody.


[Install][doc:installing\_modules] and [enable][doc:modules\_enabled]
the module just like any other. Note the included HTML file in the
www\_files directory, this directory needs to be in the same place as
the module.

mod\_candy will automatically configure Candy for username and password
or anonymous login depending on the `authentication` option on the
current VirtualHost.

You then need to download Candy and unpack it into the www\_files
directory, for example with curl:

    cd www_files
    curl -OL

After the module has been loaded, Candy will by default be reachable
from ``. See [HTTP configuration][doc:http]
for more.

You can configure what rooms to join using either `candy_rooms` (an
array) or [mod\_default\_bookmarks]. By default, Candy will attempt to
join rooms that the current user has bookmarked.
If `candy_rooms` is not set, mod\_candy will attempt to find a MUC
component and join a room called "candy" there.  If there are no rooms
to join, then Candy will show an emtpy screen.


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    trunk Works
     0.10 Works
      0.9 Works
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