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- Stage-Alpha
summary: "Authenticate users against an external HTTP API"

# Overview

This authentication module allows Prosody to authenticate users against
an external HTTP service.

# Configuration

``` lua
VirtualHost ""
  authentication = "http"
  http_auth_url = ""

If the API requires Prosody to authenticate, you can provide static
credentials using HTTP Basic authentication, like so:

http_auth_credentials = "prosody:secret-password"

# Developers

This section contains information for developers who wish to implement a
HTTP service that Prosody can use for authentication.

## Protocol

Prosody will make a HTTP request to the configured API URL with an
appended `/METHOD` where `METHOD` is one of the methods described below.

GET methods must expect a series of URL-encoded query parameters, while
POST requests will receive an URL-encoded form (i.e.

## Parameters

: The username, e.g. `stephanie` for the JID ``.

: The host part of the user's JID, e.g. `` for the JID

: For methods that verify or set a user's password, the password will
  be supplied in this parameter, otherwise it is not set.

## Methods

The only mandatory methods that the service must implement are `check_password`
and `user_exists`. Unsupported methods should return a HTTP status code
of `501 Not Implemented`, but other error codes will also be handled by

  Method          HTTP method Success codes   Error codes       Response
  --------        ----        ---             ----------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  register        POST        201             409 (user exists)
  check\_password GET         200                               A text string of `true` if the user exists, or `false` otherwise.
  user\_exists    GET         200                               A text string of `true` if the user exists, or `false` otherwise.
  set\_password   POST        200, 201 or 204
  remove\_user    POST        200, 201 or 204

## Examples

With the following configuration:

authentication = "http"
http_auth_url = ""

If a user connects and tries to log in to Prosody as ""
with the password "iheartjuliet", Prosody would make the following HTTP


# Compatibility

Requires Prosody 0.11.0 or later.