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author Emmanuel Gil Peyrot <>
date Thu, 16 Sep 2021 20:41:14 +0200
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- 'Stage-Stable'
summary: Server status plugin


This module fetches the current status of configured hosts and/or stanza
statistics from
And outputs it in either XML or JSON format.


Copy the file into prosody's module directory and place it into your
global's enabled modules.

Configuration example:

    server_status_basepath = "/server-info/"
    server_status_show_hosts = { "", "" }
    server_status_show_comps = { "", "" }
    server_status_json = true

By default the plugin's output is in XML, setting server\_status\_json
to "true" will turn it into JSON instead. if mod\_stanza\_counter isn't
loaded the plugin will require at least either
server\_status\_show\_hosts or server\_status\_show\_comps to be set.


-   This is only compatible with 0.9 for older versions please look at
    the 0.8-diverge branch.