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mod_pubsub_post/README: Add an example of curl-ing Atom data
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- 'Stage-Stable'
summary: Publish to PubSub nodes from via HTTP POST/WebHooks

# Introduction

This module is a fairly generic WebHook receiver that lets you easily
publish data to PubSub using a HTTP POST request. The payload can be
Atom feeds, arbitrary XML, or arbitrary JSON. The type should be
indicated via the `Content-Type` header.

-   JSON data is wrapped in a [XEP-0335] container.
-   An Atom feed may have many `<entry>` and each one is published as
    its own PubSub item.
-   Other XML is simply published to a randomly named item as-is.

## JSON example

``` {.bash}
curl http://localhost:5280/pubsub_post/princely_musings \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    --data-binary '{"musing":"To be, or not to be: that is the question"}'

## Atom example

``` {.bash}
curl http://localhost:5280/pubsub_post/princely_musings \
    -H "Content-Type: application/xml" \
    --data-binary '<feed xmlns="">


# Configuration

All settings are optional.

## Actor identification

First we have to figure out who is making the request.
This is configured on a per-node basis like this:

``` {.lua}
-- Per node secrets
pubsub_post_actors = {
    princely_musings = "hamlet@denmark.lit"
pubsub_post_default_actor = "nobody@nowhere.invalid"

`pubsub_post_default_actor` is used when trying to publish to a node
that is not listed in `pubsub_post_actors`. Otherwise the IP address
of the connection is used.

## Authentication

[WebSub]( [Authenticated
authentication is used.

``` {.lua}
pubsub_post_secrets = {
    princely_musings = "shared secret"
pubsub_post_default_secret = "default secret"

`pubsub_post_default_secret` is used when trying to publish to a node
that is not listed in `pubsub_post_secrets`. Otherwise the request
proceeds with the previously identified actor.

::: {.alert .alert-danger}
If configured without a secret and a default actor that has permission
to create nodes the service becomes wide open.

## Authorization

Authorization is handled via pubsub affiliations. Publishing requires an
affiliation with the _publish_ capability, usually `"publisher"`.

### Setting up affiliations

Prosodys PubSub module supports [setting affiliations via
XMPP](, in
trunk since [revision
384ef9732b81](, so
affiliations can be configured with a capable client.

It can however be done from another plugin:

``` {.lua}
local mod_pubsub = module:depends("pubsub");
local pubsub = mod_pubsub.service;

pubsub:create("princely_musings", true);
pubsub:set_affiliation("princely_musings", true, "", "publisher");