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mod_muc_http_auth: Use get_option_set API properly
author Seve Ferrer <>
date Tue, 15 Dec 2020 14:16:11 +0100
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local wait_for = require "util.async".wait_for;
local http = require "net.http";
local json = require "util.json";
local st = require "util.stanza";
local jid_node = require "util.jid".node;
local jid_bare = require "util.jid".bare;

local authorization_url = module:get_option("muc_http_auth_url", "")
local enabled_for = module:get_option_set("muc_http_auth_enabled_for",  nil)
local disabled_for = module:get_option_set("muc_http_auth_disabled_for",  nil)
local insecure = module:get_option("muc_http_auth_insecure", false) --For development purposes
local authorize_registration = module:get_option("muc_http_auth_authorize_registration", false)

local function must_be_authorized(room_node)
	-- If none or both of these are set, all rooms need authorization
	if not enabled_for and not disabled_for then return true; end
	if enabled_for and disabled_for then return true; end

	if enabled_for then return enabled_for:contains(room_node); end
	if disabled_for then return not disabled_for:contains(room_node); end

local function handle_success(response)
	local body = json.decode(response.body or "") or {}
	response = {
		err = body.error,
		allowed = body.allowed,
		code = response.code
	return {response=response, err=response.err};

local function handle_error(err)
	return {err=err};

local function handle_presence(event)
	local stanza = event.stanza;
	if ~= "presence" or stanza.attr.type == "unavailable" then

	local room, origin =, event.origin;
	if (not room) or (not origin) then return; end

	if not must_be_authorized(jid_node(room.jid)) then return; end

	local user_bare_jid = jid_bare(stanza.attr.from);
	local url = authorization_url .. "?userJID=" .. user_bare_jid .."&mucJID=" .. room.jid;

	local result = wait_for(http.request(url, {method="GET", insecure=insecure}):next(handle_success, handle_error));
	local response, err = result.response, result.err;

	if not (response and response.allowed) then
		-- User is not authorized to join this room
		err = (response or {}).err or err
		module:log("debug", user_bare_jid .. " is not authorized to join " .. room.jid .. " Error: " .. tostring(err));
		origin.send(st.error_reply(stanza, "error", "not-authorized", nil,;
		return true;

	module:log("debug", user_bare_jid .. " is authorized to join " .. room.jid);

if authorize_registration then
	module:hook("muc-register-iq", handle_presence);

module:hook("muc-occupant-pre-join", handle_presence);