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mod_firewall: Add jabberspam-simple-blocklist.pfw and spam-blocklists.pfw
author Matthew Wild <>
date Sun, 20 Sep 2020 15:57:04 +0100
line wrap: on
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# This is a simple ruleset to block all traffic from servers
# on the JabberSPAM blocklist. Even traffic from existing user
# contacts will be blocked.
# Example config (make sure "firewall" is in modules_enabled):
#   firewall_scripts = { "module:scripts/jabberspam-simple-blocklist.pfw" }
# For a more advanced ruleset, consider using spam-blocking.pfw
# and spam-blocklists.pfw.

%LIST blocklist:


CHECK LIST: blocklist contains $<@from|host>
BOUNCE=policy-violation (Your server is blocked due to spam)