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- 'mod\_bosh'
- 'mod\_websocket'
- http
title: 'mod\_conversejs'


This module serves a small snippet of HTML that loads
[Converse.js](, configured to work with the
VirtualHost that it is loaded onto.

It becomes available on an URL like ``


The module uses general Prosody options for basic configuration. It
should just work after loading it.

``` {.lua}
modules_enabled = {
    -- other modules...


[Authentication settings][doc:authentication] are used determine
whether to configure Converse.js to use `login` or `anonymous` mode.

Connection methods

It also determines the [BOSH][doc:setting_up_bosh] and
[WebSocket][doc:websocket] URL automatically, see their respective
documentation for how to configure them. Both connection methods are
loaded automatically.


The module is served on Prosody's default HTTP ports at the path
`/conversejs`. More details on configuring HTTP modules in Prosody can
be found in our [HTTP documentation](

## Templates

The HTML and JS can be customized either by editing the included
`template.html` and `template.js` files or configuring your own like:

conversejs_html_template = "/path/to/my-template.html"
conversejs_js_template = "/path/to/my-template.js"

The HTML template uses Prosodys
[`util.interpolation`][doc:developers:util:interpolation] template 
library while the JS template has `%s` where generated settings are 


To pass [other Converse.js
options](, or
override the derived settings, one can set `conversejs_options` like

``` {.lua}
conversejs_options = {
    debug = true;
    view_mode = "fullscreen";

Note that the following options are automatically provided, and
**overriding them may cause problems**:

-   `authentication` *based on Prosody's authentication settings*
-   `jid` *the current `VirtualHost`*
-   `bosh_service_url`
-   `websocket_url`

`mod_bosh` and/or `mod_websocket` are automatically enabled if available
and the respective endpoint is included in the generated options.

Loading resources

By default the module will load the main script and CSS from For privacy or performance
reasons you may want to load the scripts from somewhere else, simply use the conversejs_cdn option:

``` {.lua}
conversejs_cdn = ""

To select a specific version of Converse.js, you may override the version:

``` {.lua}
conversejs_version = "5.0.0"

Note that versions other than the default may not have been tested with this module, and may include incompatible changes.

Finally, if you can override all of the above and just specify links directly to the CSS and JS files:

``` {.lua}
conversejs_script = ""
conversejs_css = ""

Additional tags

To add additional tags to the module, such as custom CSS or scripts, you may use the conversejs_tags option:

``` {.lua}
conversejs_tags = {
        -- Load custom CSS
        [[<link rel="stylesheet" href="">]];

        -- Load libsignal-protocol.js for OMEMO support (GPLv3; be aware of licence implications)
        [[<script src=""></script>]];

The example above uses the `[[` and `]]` syntax simply because it will not conflict with any embedded quotes.


  Prosody version   state
  ----------------- ---------------
  0.9               Does not work
  0.10              Should work
  0.11              Works
  trunk             Works