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- 'Stage-Deprecated'
summary: 'Invite management module for Prosody (deprecated)'
  - mod_invites

::: {.alert .alert-warning}
**NOTE:** This module has been deprecated. Its functionality has been
moved to other modules, see the mod_invites documentation for details.

This module allows admins and users to create invitations suitable for sharing
to potential new users/contacts.

User invitations can be created through the "New Invite" ad-hoc command. An overview
of the semantics and protocol can be found at [](

This module depends on mod_invites to actually create and store the invitation tokens.

# Configuration

To allow users to join your server through invitations, you must
enable mod_register_ibr and set allow_registration = true, and then
also set `registration_invite_only = true` to restrict registration.

| Name                     | Description                                                                       | Default |
| registration_invite_only | Whether registration attempts without an invite token should be blocked           | true    |
| allow_user_invites       | Whether existing users should be allowed to invite new users to register accounts | true    |

## Example: Invite-only registration
``` {.lua}
-- To allow invitation through a token, mod_register
allow_registration = true
registration_invite_only = true

## Example: Open registration

This setup allows completely open registration, even without
an invite token.

``` {.lua}
allow_registration = true
registration_invite_only = false

## Invite creation permissions

To allow existing users of your server to send invitation links that
allow new people to join your server, you can set `allow_user_invites = true`.

If you do not wish users to invite other users to create accounts on your
server, set `allow_user_invites = false`. They will still be able to send
contact invites, but new contacts will be required to register an account
on a different server.

# Usage

Users can use the "New Invite" ad-hoc command through their client.

Admins can create registration links using prosodyctl, e.g.

prosodyctl mod_easy_invite generate

# Compatibility

0.11 and later.