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mod_smacks_noerror: Add ability to silence errors if mod_offline is disabled This will also silence "message not delivered" errors if mod_offline is disabled and all clients are offline. This assumes working MAM for all clients (lready assumed by the rest of this module).
author tmolitor <>
date Tue, 03 Jul 2018 01:03:48 +0200
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- 'Stage-Alpha'
summary: Monkeypatch mod_smacks to silently discard unacked message stanzas when a hibernation times out


By default mod_smacks sends back error stanzas for every unacked message
stanza when the hibernation times out.
This leads to "message not delivered" errors displayed in clients.

When you are certain that *all* your clients use MAM, this is unnecessary and
confuses users (the message will eventually be delivered via MAM).

This module therefore monkeypatches mod_smacks to silently drop those
unacked message stanzas instead of sending error replies.
Unacked iq stanzas are still answered with an error reply though.

If you disable mod_offline, this module will also silence "message not delivered"
error messages that will otherwise be generated when prosody would normally
store offline message but can't do this because of disabled mod_offline.  
If mod_offline is *not* disabled this module will not change offline storage
behaviour at all.


You most certainly *should not* use this module if you cannot be certain
that *all* your clients support and use MAM!


  ----- -------------------------------------------------------------------
  trunk Untested
  0.10  Works
  0.9   Untested but should work
  0.8   Untested but should work, use version [7693724881b3] of mod_smacks
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[7693724881b3]: //