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author Goffi <>
date Sat, 28 May 2022 16:43:04 +0200
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local tracking_store = module:open_store("invites_tracking");

module:hook("user-registered", function(event)
	local validated_invite = event.validated_invite or (event.session and event.session.validated_invite);
	local new_username = event.username;

	local invite_id = nil;
	local invite_source = nil;
	if validated_invite then
		invite_source = validated_invite.additional_data and validated_invite.additional_data.source;
		invite_id = validated_invite.token;

	tracking_store:set(new_username, {invite_id = validated_invite.token, invite_source = invite_source});
	module:log("debug", "recorded that invite from %s was used to create %s", invite_source, new_username)

-- " " is an invalid localpart -> we can safely use it for store metadata
tracking_store:set(" ", {version="1"});