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Noted that webadmin_http_ports supports the same advanced config as mod_bosh (thanks Ge0rG)
date Thu, 12 Apr 2012 11:29:09 +0000
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#summary Web administration interface
#labels Stage-Beta
= Introduction =

This module provides a very basic web administration interface.
It currently gives you access to Ad-Hoc commands on any virtual host you are administrator for. It also provides a live list of all S2S and C2S connections.

= Installation =

Copy the admin_web directory into prosody's plugin directory and execute the contained script. This will require wget, tar, make and a basic shell.

= Configuration Details =

"admin_web" needs to be added to the modules_enabled table of the host you want to load this module on. The port can optionally be specified with the webadmin_http_ports option.
By default the interface will then be reachable under ``.
Host ""
   modules_enabled = {

   webadmin_http_ports = { 8080 };

The webadmin_http_ports supports the same syntax and options as [ mod_bosh], to allow HTTPS for example.

= Compatibility =
||To be 0.9||Works||