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#summary XEP-077 IBR Registration Redirect.
#labels Stage-Stable

= Introduction =

Registration Redirect as explained in the [ IBR XEP].

= Details =

This module shows instructions on how to register to the server, should it be necessary to perform it through other means Out-Of-Band or not, and also let's registrations origining from ip addresses in the whitelist to go through normally.

= Usage =

Copy the module file into your Prosody modules directory.

Then set the following options into your config file:
registration_whitelist = { "*your whitelisted web server ip address*" }
registrarion_url = "*your web registration page url*"
registration_text = "Your custom instructions banner here"
registration_oob = true (default) or false, in the case there's no applicable OOB method (e.g. the server admins needs to be contacted by phone)

To not employ any whitelisting (i.e. registration is handled externally).
no_registration_whitelist = true

= Compatibility =

 * 0.8 works
 * 0.7 might not work
 * 0.6 won't work
 * 0.5 won't work