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#summary Add a support contact to new registrations
#labels register,support

= Introduction =

This Prosody plugin adds a default contact to newly registered accounts.

= Usage =

Simply add "support_contact" to your modules_enabled list. When a new account is created, the new roster would be initialized to include a support contact.

= Configuration =

|| support_contact || The bare JID of the support contact. The default is support@hostname, where hostname is the host the new user's account is on. ||
|| support_contact_nick || Nickname of the support contact. The default is "Support". ||
|| support_contact_group || The roster group in the support contact's roster in which to add the new user. ||

= Caveats/Todos/Bugs =

  * This only works for accounts created via in-band registration.
  * The support contact must be local to the Prosody install.
  * Allow non-local support contact?