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#summary Manually override the list of service discovery items
#labels Stage-Beta

= Introduction =

This Prosody plugin lets you manually override the service discovery items for a host.

= Usage =

Simply add `"discoitems"` to your modules_enabled list. Then add the `disco_items` option to hosts for which you wish to override the default response.

= Configuration =

The `disco_items` option can be added to relevant hosts:

disco_items = {
  {"", " SOCKS5 service"};
  {"", "The MUC"};

The format for individual items is `{JID, display-name}`. The display-name can be omitted: `{JID}`.

= Compatibility =
||0.5||Should work||

= Caveats/Todos/Bugs =

  * mod_disco in Prosody trunk supports the `disco_items` option; this plugin changes the behavior from appending items to replacing items