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#summary Log certificate status and fingerprint of remote servers

= Introduction =

This module produces info level log messages with the certificate status
and fingerprint every time an s2s connection is established.  It can also
optionally store this in persistant storage.

*info* has a trusted valid certificate with SHA1: 11:C2:3D:87:3F:95:F8:13:F8:CA:81:33:71:36:A7:00:E0:01:95:ED

Fingerprints could then be added to [mod_s2s_auth_fingerprint].

= Configuration =

Add the module to the `modules_enabled` list.

modules_enabled = {

If you want to keep track of how many times, and when a certificate is seen add

{{{s2s_log_certs_persist = true}}}

= Compatibility =

||0.8||Doesn't work||