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#summary Incidents Handling plugin
#labels Stage-Beta

= Introduction =

This module implements [ XEP-268].

= Details =

It will let you manage reports, inquiries, requests and responses through an Adhoc interface.
The following new adhoc admin commands will be available:

 * List Incidents -- List all available incidents and let's you reply requests.
 * Send Incident Inquiry -- Inquiry a remote server about an incident.
 * Send Incident Report -- Send an incident report to a remote server.
 * Send Incident Request -- Send an incident request to a remote server.

Each Adhoc form provides syntax instructions through `<desc/>` elements (they may currently be stripped
by Prosody), although it's encouraged to read the [ IODEF specifications].

= Usage =

Copy the module folder into your prosody modules directory.
Place the module between your enabled modules either into the global or a vhost section.

Optional configuration directives:
<code language="lua">
incidents_expire_time = 86400 -- Expiral of "closed" incidents in seconds.

= Info =

 * to be 0.9, works.