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#summary Simple incoming and outgoing stanza counter
#labels Stage-Stable

= Introduction =

This module counts incoming and outgoing stanzas from when the instance started,
and makes the data available to other modules by creating a global prosody. object

= Details =

The counter module is "stanza_counter", the example output module is stanza_counter_http.

= Usage =

Copy both files into prosody's module directory and place 'em into your enabled modules (stanza_counter_http requires to be loaded into the global section!)

Config for stanza_counter_http:
<code language="lua">
stanza_counter_basepath = "/counter-path-custom/"

= Info =

 * As of now to count components stanzas, it needs to be manually loaded (inserted into modules_enabled of the components' sections) on these.
 * This version isn't compatible with previous versions of prosody (looks at 0.8-diverge branch for olders).