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#summary Simple example of working component and HTTP polling.
#labels Stage-Alpha

= Introduction =

Twitter has simple API to use, so I tried to deal with it via Prosody.
I didn't manage to finish this module, but it is nice example of component that accepts registrations, unregistrations, does HTTP polling and so on.
Maybe someone will finnish this idea.

= Details =

It does require some non-prosody Lua libraries: LuaJSON

= Configuration =

At the moment no configuration needed, but you can configure some variables inside code.

= TODO =

 * Send latest tweets to XMPP user
 * Reply user's messages to Twitter
 * OAuth support
 * User configuration (forms)
 * discuss about using cjson
 * [!!!!] rewrite to be compatible with 0.9+
 * drop? (since it is mod_twitter in spectrum)

= Compatibility =
||trunk||Currently Not Works||
||0.9||Currently Not Works||