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#summary Manually specify SRV records
#labels Stage-Alpha

= Introduction =
This Prosody plugin lets you manually override SRV records used for a remote host.

= Usage =
Simply add `"srvinjection"` to your `modules_enabled` list to enable. Then add the `srvinjection` option to the global section.

= Configuration =
The `srvinjection` option can be used as follows:

srvinjection = {
  [""] = {"localhost", 5000};
  [""] = {"localhost", 5001};

The format for individual items is `["remote-hostname"] = {"srv-hostname", srv-port};`.

= Reloading =
The module can be reloaded via the telnet console. Edit the config file to make any updates.

You can reload the configuration from disk:
And then reload the module to apply the configuration changes:
module:reload("srvinjection", "*")

= Compatibility =

= How it works =
The module replaces the `lookup` function of the `net.adns` module with its own. The original is set back when the module is unloaded.