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#summary Manage rosters through prosodyctl
#labels Stage-Beta

= Introduction =

This module allows you to perform various actions on user rosters via prosodyctl.

= Details =

After putting this module in your modules directory you can use it via prosodyctl like this:

    prosodyctl mod_roster_command COMMAND [OPTIONS...]

*Note:* Do not add mod_roster_command to your Prosody config file. This is unnecessary because it will automatically be loaded by prosodyctl when you use it.

== Commands ==

    subscribe user@host contact@host

Subscribes the user to the contact's presence. That is, the user will see when the contact is online (but the contact won't see the user).

    subscribe_both user@host contact@host
The same as the 'subscribe' command, but performs the subscription in both directions, so that both the contact and user will always see each other online.

    unsubscribe user@host contact@host

Removes a subscription to the contact's presence.

    unsubscribe_both user@host contact@host

Same as unsubscribe, but also revokes a contact's subscription to the user's presence.

    rename user@host contact@host [name] [group]

Sets or updates a name for a contact in the user's roster, and moves the contact to the given group, if specified.

= Compatibility =
|| 0.9 || Works ||
|| 0.8 || Works ||