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#summary mini JSON registration servlet.
#labels Stage-Beta

= Introduction =

This module let's you activate a httpserver interface to handle data from webforms with POST and JSON.

= Details =

It will accept the following format:

POST /your_register_base_url HTTP/1.0
Authorization: Basic base64authstring
Content-Type: application/json


It will require a server admin (of the given host) to provide valid credentials to submit data via Basic HTTP auth first.

The ip field is at the moment is required to be present even if unset (""), you will require to set it using the webserver's REMOTE_ADDR global (or similar) to pass the client's ip address should you want to employ throttling/blacklisting/whitelisting of requests.

= Usage =

Copy the module file into your prosody modules directory.
Load the module in your configuration file's global section, that would suffice to run it.

Hint: pairing with mod_register_url is helpful, to allow server registrations only via your webform.

Optional configuration directives:
<code language="lua">
reg_servlet_base = "/base-path/" -- Base path of the plugin
reg_servlet_realm = "Your Realm Name of choice" -- Modifies the name of the authentication realm.
reg_servlet_ttime = seconds -- Specifies the time (in seconds) between each request coming from the same remote address.
reg_servlet_bl = { "", "" } -- The ip addresses in this list will be blacklisted and will not be able to submit registrations.
reg_servlet_wl = { "", "" } -- The ip addresses in this list will be ignored by the throttling.

= Info =

 * This is only compatible with 0.9, please look at the 0.8-diverge branch for older versions