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#summary XMPP to SMS gateway using the Clickatell API
#labels Stage-Alpha

= Introduction =

This module provides and SMS gateway component which uses the Clickatell HTTP API to deliver text messages. See for details on their services. Note that at present, this is entirely one way: replies will either go nowhere or as sms to the source number you specify.

= Configuration =

In prosody.cfg.lua:

Component "" "sms_clickatell"
	sms_message_prefix = "some text"

The sms_message_prefix is a piece of text you want prefixing to all messages sent through the gateway. For example, I use the prefix "{{{[Via XMPP]}}} " to indicate to recipients that I've sent the message via the internet rather than the mobile network. Since my primary use case for this component is to be able to send messages to people only reachable via mobile when I myself only have internet access and no mobile reception, this option allows me to give a hint to my recipients that any reply they send may not reach me in a timely manner.

= Usage =

Once you've installed and configured, you should be able to use service discovery in your XMPP client to find the component service. Once found, you need to register with the service, supplying your Clickatell username, password, API ID, and a source number for your text messages.

The source number is the mobile number you want messages to 'originate' from i.e. where your recipients see messages coming from. The number should be in international format without leading plus sign, or you can use some other format if clickatell supports it.

To send text messages to a target number, you need to add a contact in the form of {{{[number]}}}, where {{{[number]}}} is the mobile number of the recipient, in international format without leading plus sign, and is the name for the component you configured above. For example:

You should then be able to send messages to this contact which get sent as text messages to the number by the component.

= Compatibility =


= Todo =

  * Refactor to create a framework for multiple sms gateway back ends, and split Clickatell specific code in to its own back end